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Rain, Rain, I’ll Still Come Out to Play

Some people wait for the sunshine to run.   Some people will begrudgingly run in the rain.   And some people will not only run in the rain, but happily do it.  today was such a day.   I’ve been for the most part sticking to my training schedule.   I’ve been feeling good about getting the miles in, but I will say that I’ve hated getting them in.   The reason is because most of my recent miles have been on the treadmill.   Treadmill runs with no music as I can not find my skullcandy headphones.  (boo)

Miles are miles and sometimes that is all you need.   That is what I’ve needed.   But running more than 3 miles on a treadmill with no music is akin to torture.   Plus I hate running at the gym feeling like a hamster on a wheel.   I like to be outside where I can play my music through my phone and hear my own thoughts.

So today, I wanted to get out and do 5 miles.   My time was limited as I needed to be washed up and ready for work by 11:30 and I wanted to be in the air.    Today’s weather was warmer but still a little cool with rain.   I suited up appropriately with my hat to keep the rain off my face and a running rain jacket.    It was time to reclaim my “I will run in any weather badge” that I’ve lost this past winter. Besides I needed to have some true alone time alone brought by an outside run.

Today was a run about running.   About getting 5 miles in.    About seeing if I could carry a conversation with myself.   Once I warmed up and got going, I actually took off my rain jacket and wrapped it around my waste.   I flipped my Garmin around so as to not see the pace, heart rate, or any such thing.   And I ran.    I tried to stay in control of the run.   I tried to keep a conversational pace but sometimes I needed to remind myself of that.

  I just ran.  There was some walking, but not much.   I enjoyed the rain which I believe kept me from overheating.   I’m really not joking when I say that I run hot.  I honestly would pick a day like today for the NY Half.   Off and on rain to keep me cool, but I’m getting ahead of myself.   First I have to keep this training up.   If I could run in the rain though but keep my feet dry that would be amazing.

So today with no thought.   No set paces.   no plan other than to push myself and get 5 miles in, I had the best run I have had in ages.   I’ll blame it on the rain,  but this was the best run I’ve had in ages and I’ll take it!



Leaving My Couch Behind


I have to be honest as you know I always am, I really used to hate this expression.   I find it to be condescending.   Smug and even a little obnoxious.

Not everyone wants to get off the couch.   I’m not in competition with those that our sitting on their couch.   Now though I look at it not as a way of shaming those who for whatever reason are not getting out there.   I look at it as a way to say that I am willing to push myself past all the reasons that I could use to stay on the couch.

Recently (like today) though I’ve been thinking about it.   A lot.   It would be so much easier for me to give up.   No one would blame me.   Some might even think it is the smart thing to do.   I can stop at any time if I wanted.  Yet, for some reason I can’t.

It’s just not something that I am willing to do.

 No one is pushing me out the door.   Although I have awesome supportive friends, they would support me no matter what I decided to do.  No one is making me train.   No one is making me run or train for a marathon.   (If anyone would like to, that would be fine with me).

Today’s run I knew would not be a good one.   I knew it before I even walked out the door.   My body aches.   My foot is still hurting.   I had 14 on the books and from the get go decided that I would do 10 today and run tomorrow to kind of make up the difference.  (Yes, I know that’s not how training works; but sometimes you’ve got to adjust).

Out the door I went.

It wasn’t a horrible run, but it might have been up there with worst training runs.  I walked more than I should.   I stopped a few times to stretch.    I just was Blah.   All that being said, I ended up with an 11:40 pace.

Then I did something on my run today that I thought I would never do.    I called for someone at home to pick me up.   If I pushed, I knew I could finish.   I was only 2 miles from home.

Here is the rub.

I didn’t want to.   I just didn’t think with the way my body was feeling that it made any sense to do that.  I also knew that it would not be good for my mental training either.

You would think that I would be freaking out since Chicago is less than a month away.   I’m not.   I’m actually pretty calm about it.    Really this close to the race, pushing when I shouldn’t push will do more harm than good.

So I did the “ride of shame” home, but felt no shame.

I have no doubt that when I step up the Chicago Start line that I will also cross the Chicago finish line.

Remember I’m one stubborn and determined person.   Besides, I do like getting a medal put around my neck.




Putting the Pieces back together

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.


I admit it, I’ve been feeling a little bit like Humpty for a while.   Say, since November 18th.    That being said, I have recently been coming to terms with my cracked shell and the realization that it’s up to me to put the pieces together again.   They might fit a little different, but that’s the way things go.

I’ve also realized thanks to the reminder of Training Peaks that I am now six weeks into my training.   They were also nice enough to point out that the Chicago Marathon is only twelve weeks away.    Time flies and I know it will be here before we know it.

I’ve been happy with my training recently.   I think it has something to do with the above realization.   Anyhow, I am (trying) to not beat myself up anymore and just roll with it.

You know what?

I’ve had some good runs recently.    Now my good runs to a front of the packer might make them scratch their head, but I’ve been happy and isn’t that enough?   Why yes, yes it is!

Case in point

Last night I went out for 7  miles.   I was comfy on the couch after a nice dinner, but forced myself to leave the mindless TV watching to go for my run.    It was bordering on becoming dark, so I suited up accordingly.    I forgot how nice it is to run at night when the streets are quiet and everyone is inside their house.   I went out knowing it would be a slow run.   Still trying to balance the walk/run thing and just figured that I would just let things take a natural progression.   Another plus is that once it got dark enough, I could NOT see my Garmin for pace.


I ran just to run.

I ran for the miles

I ran just to enjoy the night.

I ran just to see how I would run.

Most of all, I allowed my mind just to focus on the run.


Here are my paces and to be honest, I am actually very happy with them.

Once I hit my groove at mile 3 and after miles 4 I had negative splits.   Not bad considering that I wasn’t aiming for  them or thinking about pace.   I did consistently ask if “I needed to walk” or “If I wanted to walk.”   I found that last night I didn’t need to walk as much.   I think part of it was that I was having a good day, I was well hydrated, and I am slowly getting back to running mojo.   Either way, I will take a good run when I can get one.


Yes, I am sore today and was much sorer last night than I should have been for 7 miles.   I’m noticing that it is my feet and my right quad that seem to be paying the price.   Going to see if I can squeeze in a massage this week and I really should foam roll more.

I’m also putting the pieces together for Chicago logistically speaking.    As soon as I realized that I got into Chicago, I did book a room for the day before the marathon and leaving the day after.   I’ve literally gotten into a car and driven home after running the Marine Corps Marathon and thought, “never again.”    I also figured that I would just see how things play out.   They seem to be playing out nicely:)

One of the other Moms in my Moms Run This Town group is also running Chicago.   We’ve started formulating a plan to fly to Chicago on Friday.   We can get a room near the airport for Friday night.   Then the next day move to the hotel room that I already have booked.  (Yes, I tried to see if I could add Friday onto my stay, but it was a no go).   Anyway, it is nice to know that we are in this together.   Plus she’s a sweetheart and it should be lots of fun!

I do so love it when a plan comes together and it finally seems like things are coming together for Chicago.

Quiet Please


Yesterday, I had what my coach calls a cut-down.    I guess it is similar to a tempo run but a little different.

When I first started with my coach it took me a while to adjust to these runs.    With most things, it gets better with practice.   I find these runs are also a great way to get good at learning to keep pace.   The thing is when I started my cut-downs were not as fast as they are now.    Here was yesterdays scheduled run:

1 mile easy
1 miles @ 8:55-9:05
1 miles @ 8:45-55
1 miles @ 8:35-45
1 miles @ 8:20-35
1 miles easy

Just looking at these paces makes me wonder what I am doing.   But this week I am determined to get all my assigned runs in at my assigned paces if possible.   If nothing else I am comitted to stop making lame excuses.    Although it’s not always easy.

I knew that I wanted to do this cut-down on a treadmill.   I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to go till the evening.   Then evening comes and I’m ready to go…… But first

Hubby has been home sick and I run to pick him up some soup (yeah, I’m good like that)

Literally while pulling into parking lot of YMCA – “Mom, can you pick me and my friends (they are out at local festival) and they are going to come back and hang out our house.”   I’m like sure when only to find out that he meant right then.   Out of the parking lot I go.

Hubby, “Are you still planning to go run?”

AHHHHHH,    yes I am.   On a day less committed, I might have said no.   Not last night.   So finally get to the treadmill and think that maybe I won’t do the full 6.   Maybe I’ll only do 5.   Maybe I won’t run as fast as cut-down calls for.   On and on that little voice goes and mile by mile I shut her down.

Was the run hard.   You bet, but I think that is the point.    I’m always amazed when a hard run is over that I could actually do it.    There is a sense of accomplishment not only with completing a hard run, but shutting down that inner voice that wants you to take the easy way out.

Some days the voice is quiet, but on these days where it is a constant struggle to shut it up I know I am that much stronger.   It is learning to shut up this voice that will help me push through the wall in a marathon or any hard run for that matter.    For most or at least for me, the wall is not based on pain or at least pain that can’t be run through.  It is when the voice becomes to loud and I fall into the trap and listen to her.   These are the runs that teach me that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.   These are the runs that will remind me that that voice is a liar.


How Slow Can You GO?


We all know that I’ve never claimed to be an expert at running.    I readily admit that I have so much to learn, but that isn’t to say that I don’t have some knowledge as I’ve been at it a few years now.  A running friend recently asked me about my running.   She’s gearing up for marathon training as many of my running friends are and she wanted to know about my paces.   She specifically wanted to  know about the “running slower” in training.   As most of you know, my coach and now me, swear by this approach.   My coach can give you all the schooled reasons why it makes more sense to train slower (Chronic Runner), I can just give you my take on it.

Before I wisely started working with my coach, I would estimate that almost ALL of my runs were at the same pace.   It didn’t matter if it was a long run, a short run, or anywhere in between.   You could count on an almost steady 10:20 pace.   I thought I was doing good, but I was wrong.    It wasn’t good for my body and it wasn’t good for my training.

I know that concept of slowing down to speed up sounds entirely crazy.    I know it doesn’t make any sense.   It goes against the grain.   You think to yourself if I’m going to get faster, I need to run faster and I need to run faster a lot.    Well, yes, yes you do need to run faster.   Here is the thing though.  You don’t need to run faster ALL the time and honestly most of the time you should be running slower.   Seriously.  No joke.  No lie.

The first thing that my coach had me do when I started with her was to slooooooow down.   Most of my daily runs except the ones designed for speed were slowed down to 11 minute pace or slower.   I didn’t get it.   I thought this doesn’t make sense, but I listened.   I followed her advice.   These slower days balanced out with days where I pushed it and ran hard.     There was a balance that I didn’t have before.   It was the key that I was missing (that and most of the key chain).    I didn’t always understand, but I understood enough to know that she was right.

Here is the thing too.    Before I slowed down, I battled plantar fasciitis.   I battled it a lot.   Taping my foot.   Running in pain.   I just thought, “this is part of being a runner.”   I was wrong.   Now, I am not saying that I am always pain free.   I am not saying that new shoes and inserts have not also helped.   What I am saying is that running slower when I didn’t need to be running fast helped.   Not only with injuries, but also allowing my body to have the juice it needed on days I needed to run fast and then allow it  recover from those hard days too.

Here is the bottom line from all this slowing down.    I am an average runner.   I do not have what is considered the “runners body.”   I am short with short (but powerful) legs.   I am a few pounds overweight.   You know what all of that means?   NOTHING.    Really.    Not only have I been able to run longer distances without injury since slowing down, but I have also run faster than I ever thought I could.    In my 5K last week that I PR’d in 26:26.   I ran the fasted mile that I have ever run. EVER.   I ran a mile in 8:12.    This was unimaginable to me.   This still boggles my mind.   Yes, I realize it’s only a mile but my 3rd mile of the 5K was 8:19.     I may never get any faster that this, but I know that I would never have made it here if I hadn’t slowed down.


How slow can you go?

Just Keep Running, Running, Running

Thankfully today is a Rest Day.   Ok, actually I should do some swimming or Yoga.   Maybe I will, but honestly I probably won’t.   I might take a power nap later if that counts.   Doesn’t it?

So how did these last 2 days go?

Pretty good if I do say so.

Let’s start with the Cut-Down.    I went into this confident and I do think that might make a bit of a difference.   What has also helped is that the temperatures cooled  to perfect fall temps.    Yes, indeed, that makes a  huge difference. I have to say this was hands down my BEST cut-down.   I felt good.   I felt confident and my splits are very pretty if I do say so myself and I do:)   I did need to stop around mile 5 as I thought I had something in my shoe.   Took shoe/sock off and all looked good until I got home with bloody toe.   My feet are going to need some major TLC when Marine Corps Marathon is over.   Without further ado, here it is:


Total Time: 1:40:02

Splits: 10:53. 9:56, 9:54, 9:48, 9:42, 9:35, 9:25, 9:11, 9:09, 12:30

Pretty sure I was about to have a heat attack by the end of mile 9, but then I remembered this was supposed to be hard and pushed till the end of the mile.  I do admit as soon as my watch marked the mile, I slowed down.  A lot!
I did this run in the afternoon which did concern me as I was planning on my 18 the next morning.    The whole point of the 18 though was to run on tired legs and that’s what I did.    I plotted out a route not that I ever follow it exactly, but it is enough to get me where I need to go.   I started this run with some of my fellow MRTT Mama’s and we did about 6 miles together.   Then off to face the miles alone.   This was a good combination as I will ultimately be running the marathon alone.
I used a combination of shot blocks, sports jelly beans, Gu, and at mile 12 I stopped to refill my water bottles at a Dunkin Donuts.   If you know me, you know that I can’t NOT get a coffee.   So I took a 5 minute coffee break and gulped down a small (which I never get) iced latte.    I’m not really sure that I would do it again.   Although maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to do since I did finish my 18.
Although, I did get a little help from my friends:):)
As I said, I had my run plotted out.   I planned to stop at mile 16 at my friend Genine’s house as she offered to leave water in a cooler for me.   I’ll be honest once I stopped I REALLY didn’t want to start up again.   But not only was she sweet enough to leave me the water in a cooler, but an inspiring note that really did help push me to keep moving.   It became my temporary mantra, “Finish Strong!”
Finish Strong
So I kept going, chanting until I hit the hill.   I didn’t intentionally plan to end my run on a hill, but it seems to happen to me a lot depending on the way I go.   I think this is a positive thing as we all know running up hills is good training.   The I remembered that the Marathon ends on a Hill literally!   So then I changed my mantra to….
Hey it worked, because I had really good splits at the end.

Moving Time 3:08:26

12:45, 13:01, 10:39, 10:35, 10:46, 11:12, 10:25, 10:32, 10:17, 11:11, 10:52, 10:20, 10:35, 10:32, 11:21, 10:38, 10:18  & then since Garmin didn’t record whole 18 2.36
You Ran How Far?
So today, I am tending to my feet.   Doing some stretching and just as importantly catching up on all the things that I have let slide while putting in the miles.

How do you balance it all?

Friday Five – Five Runs

Squeezing in under the wire for my Friday Five Link up with

Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Five Runs I’m doing to train for the Marine Corps Marathon


The Cut-Down

Now it seems like there are several different ways to run these, but I run them the way my coach tells me to and I like them even if they are the bane of my existence!    Example of my last cut-down assignment.    Warm up mile at 11 minute pace.   Next mile at 9:45.  Next mile at 9:25.  Two miles at 9:20 and a mile cool down for a total of 6 miles.    The miles and the pace fluctuate.  Yes, they are hard.   No, I don’t always hit the pace.   Yes, these are the runs that I love to hate.   That being said they are effective.

long run

The Long Run

We all do them.   Most dread them.   These are another hard run, but this run is harder mentally.    As we all know, running a marathon is just as mental as physical.   So as it trains the legs to run the miles, it also is training the brain to deal with it.


The Recovery Run

I love these.   They are short and sweet and slow!!    Who doesn’t love a recovery run with their friends.


Aerobic Runs

These are runs at a given pace usually on days after a hard run.    These runs are designed to help me learn to run on tired legs.  It takes a while for it to happen, but eventually your legs know just what to do even when your mind thinks it can’t.   I had such a run this week.  This run was the day after a brutally hot cut-down run of 6 miles.   My coach warned me that this run would be hard and just to run which I did.   I went into this run thinking how much it would suck and it did in the beginning.   My legs were heavy.   My legs were tired and I just didn’t know how I would do it.   Then a funny thing happened.   My legs just did what I’ve been trying to train them to do.  They almost were on auto pilot.  I started to just concentrate on my legs turning over pushing me forward and the feel of them turning over.  Even on tired legs, I was consciously slowing my pace down.  It was a run that I was sad to see end because I felt like these were the legs I’ve been waiting for and these are the legs that I want the day of my marathon I decided. These were legs that kept moving even when my mind was thinking they wouldn’t be able to go.


Rest Days

No, this is not a run; but it is equally important.   Our body needs it.    Without it, we may be more prone to injury.    I embrace my rest days!    I can’t do it every week,but I love to get a massage on a rest day.   Yes, it is a luxury.   No, I don’t go as often as my legs would like, but when I do go I enjoy it!

Get Out of My Head

Before I started marathon training with Caolan, I would have been very happy with today’s run.   On face value, my run looks good.   The problem is I have been training and running long enough that I am very disappointing in it.

 cut-down cut-down2 Yes, on face value this is a very nice run.   The problem is that this is not the run I was supposed to do today.    I was supposed to do what my coach calls a cut-down AKA as a tempo run.  I was prepared for this run.   I had the perfect route mapped out which was relatively flat.    I had my paces written out, water bottles filled, and Garmin actually charged.

cutdown3Yup, on paper it seemed like I was ready to go.   The problem was that I needed to get out of my own head yet again.   I’ve been hitting my paces on my normal runs but for some reason when it comes to my cut-downs I think I freak myself out.   These paces just seem too fast for me and I think that I choke and stall  on my run (yet again).

Today the heat came back and I should have gone out for my run early.   The problem was that I have been getting out early a lot lately and I was still recovering from my early than earlier volunteer position.    Then I had to take my son somewhere this morning at 8:30 not getting back and ready to run till 9:30.    I should have scrubbed the run and done a blinkie run, but I thought I still had time to beat the heat.   It really wasn’t that hot yet and I went for it.

I started off ok with the exception of my damn quads (yes, still).   I stopped once I warmed up a little to stretch them and my hip flexors which also seemed to be in need of some stretching as well.    Then it went down hill from there.   I kept going, stopping, and going.   Once I hit mile 5, I had a planned stop for a convenience  store to get water.   I opted for Gatorade hoping for a miracle.

At this point, my pace was better, but not on target which I had already given up on hitting.   I stopped watching my watch and scrubbed the run as a cut-down.   I had nothing to do but think about all the things that went wrong with this run, what I could do in the future, and wondering why I was doing this in the first place.   My main conclusion was that I really just talked myself out of being able to hit the paces before I even gave myself a chance to hit them.   I need to figure out how to not let these runs mess with my mind.    It’s a work in progress.

I also thought about how even though I have run a marathon last year, this is the first time actually  marathon training.     I think that since I am not following a generic training plan but a plan designed for me;  I know that I should be able to do the things assigned to me.   I know that my coach knows what she’s doing.   I know she wouldn’t be giving me these paces if she didn’t think I could hit them especially since I have hit them in the past.   So I have to figure this out.

Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another run.

I won’t give up.   I will roll my quads.   I will stretch.   I will do what I need to do.   What I won’t do is give up.


Night & Day!

The day after my epic coming of the rails run, I had a 14 miler to do.  I planned this one a little better as I knew that the whole point of this run was to run on tired legs.   My legs were tired.   It was still hotter than Hell, but I was determined to make it a good run.

First I decided that I would go later in the evening.   It is hard knowing that you are going to start a long run that won’t finish till the 10:00 PM news comes on, but still better than running in the heat of day.   Second, I plotted out a route that would allow me to meet some of my fellow MRTT Mama’s for miles 3 through 8.   They were supposed to be running a slower pace and I thought it would be good to have company for some of the run.   It was just what I needed even if they had me going a minute or so faster for those miles than my legs wanted to go, but still worth it.   As Janna pointed out, I did miss my tempo run the day before:)   I even had Helen run with me for an extra mile once the group was done.  She thankfully slowed down and it was nice to run with her as I don’t often get a chance.

Then it was time to do the last 4 1/2 miles by myself.  At first it was hard, but then I realized that it was only because I forgot to put my music back on.  For the record and safety, when running on roadways I do NOT use headphones at all.   I play my music right from my phone.    I also stopped at the local 7-elleven to refill my water bottles with cold water as I really hate warm water.   The man at the counter looked at me and all my lights a little odd as did some of the people in the parking lot.   Not sure if it was how sweaty I was because I was a hot, hot mess or the lights.   Either way I went on my way.

shortly after this stop, I had a group of teen boys (God, please don’t let my boys be this obnoxious) yell at me that I should wear reflective gear while running, but in a sarcastic tone while laughing at me.  I just yelled back, “you think?”   Then under my breath said a few things I will not mention on my blog.   This did get me thinking.   What do people think the point of all m reflective gear is?    I have been doing most of my runs ALONE at night with some of the streets not having good lighting.   I want to see where I am going and I think more importantly, I want to be seen!   Truth be told, I worry about drivers when I’m running during the day.   I worry more about drivers when I’m running at night because most are not expecting people to be out when it’s dark.   I’ve said before, my goal for every run is to make it home safely and if looking like a Christmas tree helps you see me at night, I’ve got no problem with that because you know I love Christmas trees!

So what do I wear…..


  1. Headlamp
  2. Reflective Vest (mine is pink)
  3. Nathan Runner’s flashlight
  4. Armband reflective lights – I wear mine on my running belt
  5. Nathan Strobe lights – one of front of the vest and one on back
  6. Another Strobe light on my belt
  7. Reflective running gear
  8. Pepper Spray – not reflective gear but I think important safety gear

Most of these items were either purchased at my local running store or Amazon.  To the average person, I may seem a little crazy with my lights maybe even bordering on OCD.   That’s ok as long as you see me coming:)

What do you use for night running?

Some Runs Are Just Not As Awesome as Others

Runner’s truth….

Not every run is fun.

Not every run is like running through a meadow.

More truth.

Some runs just suck from the very beginning.

Today was such a day.

I think I knew it from the beginning.   I almost walked back in my house after going outside.   Then I thought to myself that if I didn’t go then, I wouldn’t be able to get my run in today.  Besides I was ready to go.  I knew what splits I was looking to hit.   I had my course all mapped out.  I was ready.  I really wanted to get my run in.   Although, truth be told, I regretted the decision for most of my run.  Except, of course, the part when it was over and I knew that I go it in.

I was coming off the rails on this one.   There are several reasons and sometimes that just the way it goes.

First there was the phone call with my mom right as I was getting to go out the door.   Yes, it was 92 today but I have run on hotter days.   The difference is that right before a run I didn’t have anyone say to me, “You shouldn’t run today.   You are going to give yourself heat stroke or a heart attack.”    These are not the words of encouragement needed before a run.   Even though I knew that I was prepared to run in the elements, these words stuck in the back of my head.

Then there was my Garmin which died before I even hit mile one.    This really made me mad because it was on the charger all night.   I’m starting to wonder if my charger is not working properly because this has happened to me before.   I will have to keep an eye on it.   I had toyed with stopping then since I was supposed to be doing a tempo run which is impossible to do without a watch.   Since it was so hot and humid though, I decided to just keep on going and do the best I could.

Then around mile 3, my sunglasses literally broke.   Yes, I knew they were on their way out but really.


My face sums up the way I felt.   Then by this point I was already feeling the pain of the run.   It really wasn’t physical pain but mental.   Part of the problem was the first part of my route did not have as much shade as I thought it did and I was baking in the sun.    Then it got in my head that it was too hot to run.   I kept on going.

One of the reasons that I like to plan a route out is that it doesn’t give me an out once I start.   I was literally 3 miles away and thought to myself even if I turn around I would only be 2 miles shy of the 8 I needed so I might as well stick with it.   I kept on going.   I even toyed with calling someone to pick me up, but I figured I should save that for when I really need it.

Then I got a message from my cheerleader, Dawn, telling me I could do it.   We messaged back and forth and it helped.   I kept on going.   Luckily by then I had hit more shade and although the run was still hard, I was no longer baking in the sun.  I admit that I would run.   Then I would walk when I felt that I needed to.   Then I would run again picking out something in the distance to run to before I could stop again.   Again, it wasn’t pretty.   I was NOT close to any kind of heat stroke except in my head.     I was a hot mess!

Then there was the water situation.    Yes, I did buy a hydration backpack but when I tried it on before my run; I didn’t like it.   I think this cheaper version that I bought might be good for hikes but I could not imagine running in it.  I had my Fitletic hydration belt with all 4 water bottles AND my hand held water bottle.  It was not enough on a day like today.   I should have looped to the park to refill, but I thought that I was fine.   Big mistake.   Then I was on the search for water.

I stopped at a friends house thinking that I would fill with her hose, but she had it hooked up to a sprinkler.  Not sure if it was the sweat on my hands or what, but I could not unhook it to fill my bottles. She wasn’t home or I would have knocked as I’ve done in the past.   Luckily a man saw me sitting, yes sitting, under a tree and gave me a water bottle.   I kept going.   Swung by another friends house and the same thing happened except no nice man to give me water.   By then I was close to home and just kept pushing.

I made it!

I got my run in!

The I realized that for some stupid reason I ran an extra mile.   I did nine instead of eight.   I will chalk that up to being delusional from the heat.

9 miles in 1:45

So, no not every run is awesome and some do suck.   But it is these runs that we push are way through that really show us what we are made of.   It is these runs that help to make us better runners.  It gives us the mental toughness needed to push through when running an event when all you want to do is stop.   If every run was easy, then that means you are not pushing your limits.   Life is about pushing limits and getting out of our comfort zone.


So I’m off to bed now as tomorrow is another day


I’ve got 14 miles to put on the books.

How do you push through when all you want to do is give up?