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Laying It All Out There….

I’m being Bold.

Yesterday while pursuing the internet, I was reading an article that was about healthy weights and BMI (Body Mass Index).   I thought to myself, “I know that I need to loose a few pounds but I wonder where I stand with my BMI.”

After calculating it, I found out a shocking fact.   A fact that I don’t believe.   It’s not that I am in denial.   It’s just that I think it’s totally wrong and this chart doesn’t take into account many things.   Curious as to what this chart told me?

According to this handy dandy chart that many healthcare professionals (and I’m sure insurance company’s use) to help determine my health,

I am

Wait for it.

Here it comes….

I am (according to the chart)

Overweight (yeah, I know),

but also according to the chart

on the boarder of becoming obese.

Yup, you heard me.

NJS1117 NJS1006

This apparently is what borderline obese looks like.

NJ State Tri

As the saying goes, I beg to differ.

I’ve discussed this before in  It’s Really Just A Number.

Today, I’m going one step further and putting it out there as I’m not ashamed and it really is what it is.   I’m 150ish pounds depending on the day.

It’s just a number after all.  Yes, a little bigger than I would like, but it does not define me.

Yes, I do know that I could stand to loose 10 pounds and maybe a few more.  I’m not disputing that.   Never have.  I just like food.  I admit it.   Yes, I am 5 foot 2.   Yes, I weight between 150 and 155.   Yes, according to the handy dandy chart a healthy weight for me is between 118 and 132.    Well, I haven’t seen those numbers since before my first son was born and I doubt very much that I will ever see them again. I’m ok with that as I’m doing ok as I am.   I would really settle for 140 to 145 but I’m not actively dieting.  I’m ok with that too..

Now, to go a step further, this handy dandy chart does not take many other factors into account.  It is a generic chart that too many people depend on to determine their health.  It does not take my muscle tone into account.   I’m not one to brag, but my legs are solid muscle.   Solid.   My arms aren’t’ too flabby either.   I will readily admit that I have no muscle mass around my belly and it does like to jiggle like a bowl full of jelly which I’m working on (sometimes).   I will also admit that I very comfortable in a  size 8 and if I don’t want to breathe I can fit into a 6.

So please, please tell me how this makes me borderline obese.   I hate that there are people looking at just these charts, looking in the mirror and then feeling bad about themselves.   One size does not fit all and we have to stop generalizing sizes, weights, BMI, and everything in between based on a number or size.

I will further say that even with a high BMI, my cholesterol is VERY good with my good levels being much much higher than my bad which is very low.   I have  good blood sugar levels, blood pressure and all those other things they check.

So my question is why we always try to fit everyone into one mold?

All this work for that??

I have been working out at the gym now for a little more than a month.   I have to say that I have been  very good about going.    I try to go at least 3 times a week to a bootcamp class.   Then on my off days, I am going to try to do some prep training.   

This week I went swimming for an hour.   Ok, I admit it, I did have some giggles with my girlfriend; so probably only for about 45 minutes.   And we were doing laps.   That’s got to burn some calories and fat.   All the while we were doing it though, we kept saying how are we going to swim a 1/2 mile?   Do you know a half mile in a lap pool is 18 times up and 18 times back.  Yup, 36 laps.   We may have swam that many laps, but we did stop to take breaks.   There are no sides to the bay for us to rest on in September, so we are going to keep swimming.  “just keep swimming.  just keep swimming.”   

But what got me this week is that with all this exercise and training, I have only lost 6 pounds!!   Now, I realize that I am building muscle.   I also realize that my waist is shrinking as I now fit into a pair of jeans comfortably that used to look like I needed grease to put them on.   So I do realize that I am reshaping my body out of it’s rounded shape.   But I am stuck on the number.   Are you kidding me!   6 pounds!!!   My girlfriends have all assured me that my body is adjusting to the new healthier eating and working out.   And when it is done adjusting the weight is just going to come right off.    I’m not patient, but I guess I’ve got no choose right now but to keep plugging away.

That is the other good thing about signing up for the Triathalon, I do have to keep plugging away.   I have told everyone I’m doing it.   I put it out on Facebook.   I did this not because I’m trying to brag, but because now that everyone knows I can’t quit.   Too many people know and there is no where to hide now:)


Live, Laugh, Love!