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Complicated Relationships

I have lots of complicated relationships. To be honest, who doesn’t?

I love my blog, but I have not been great about blogging recently…… Complicated

I love to run, but haven’t been running much lately……. Complicated.

I want a clean house, but I hate to waste time cleaning it….. Complicated

I want to be a size 8 or honestly I would take 10 at this point, yet really don’t do what is necessary to make that happen…… Complicated.

I miss running with my friends, yet don’t seem to have the time to meet up with them as our schedules don’t mix….. Complicated.

I have a VERY complicated relationship with food.   To be honest, who doesn’t?

The problem I have is the all or nothing mentality and often we might be the ones complicating things more than they need to be.

As I previously mentioned, I’ve met with a nutrionist a few times now. She has given me some good feedback. We have talked about different food choices, adding more protein to diet and less carbs, and looking at better options overall. Things that most of us all know, but she has given some good tips. Overall it has been worth it.

Here is the complication though……. While I know everything she says is valid, I am beginning to wonder if I have the conviction to actually follow through. So far the answer to that will be a resounding no. I can’t even get myself to track my food choices for a day or two. Now maybe it’s because I know where I’m going off track and I don’t want a paper trail to remind me. Maybe it’s because I’m not determined enough to follow through. Maybe….. Maybe….. Maybe….

There are so many reasons we don’t reach where we think we want to go and I maybe to the point where I, honestly, am not sure I want to got there anymore.

I just had my physical in December. Cholesterol only went up 4 points and blood pressure is still really good. So while I have all the other stuff with my Hypopara going against me, relatively everything else is looking ok.

So now the questions I need to ask……

What do I really want and what am I willing to do for it?


Yet, complicated….

Answers will be coming shortly and probably changing as time passes.

Dusting Myself Off


As I said before, in the last couple of weeks I fell off the wagon.  Those days are over now.   I gave myself permission to not feel guilty and took a few intentional days off.   This was good because it was Middle Guy’s 13th Birthday.   There was cake to be had, buffets to go to, and other such things to do.   By intentionally taking this time off, I felt no guilt in not doing anything.   I think this was key.   I think sometimes an intentional break is needed for both mind and body.   This is good as long as once the break is over, it is go time.  It also puts the control back in my hands (yes, I know that it is always in my hands.  Sometimes though it doesn’t feel that way.)

So I felt no guilt eating his chocolate birthday cake that I made



Not one ounce of guilt.

I was on a short break after all,

but that break is over now.

I’ve got a plan.   I’ve thought it through.  Everything is not all in place yet, but enough that I feel confident in it.

Right now, I have loaded my Half Marathon training plans into Training Peaks.   I’m ready to go.   I know that once the other pieces fall into place, I may have to tweak the program but that isn’t a reason not to start.   So I’m starting today.   A rest day of all things:)   I do plan on keeping Monday my rest/recovery days as I think I do need to honor them.    So rest it will be today.   No guilt.

The beauty of this is that I do need a day to do many things around my house that I’ve been neglecting.  Besides the weather is starting to change for the better and I see comfortable outside running in my future.   This makes me happy.

I am working on adding Crossfit back into my routine.   I think I need it. I’m not sure how it will work out and I do also want to add swimming, but I think Crossfit is a good fit for me.   For now, it is part of the plan and I will adjust as I need to.

I think what also helped me is that I’ve been sleeping better.   I even went to be Saturday night by 10:30.   There is nothing better than getting enough sleep to help clear the cobwebs out and get you in a better mood.   So on that note, I’m off to bed.

What do you do to get out of a slump?

Keep Calm and Get Me Out of This Slump

We all know that it is so much easier to fall off the proverbial wagon than to climb back up on it.   I don’t know anyone who this is any different either.  Right now, I’m trying to climb back on the wagon but the wagon’s wheels are stuck in the snow.    I’m not sure if it’s the never ending winter blues, the lack of sleep, or just I need a gentle nudge; but I seem to have lost my umph.

I’m looking for it.

I’m going through the motions

(although not has hard as I used to).

I’m signing up for races left and right,

yet still….

Something is off.

Maybe it really is the Winter Blues.   I can’t seem to get back into my routine with the kids having a delayed opening what seems like every other day.   Then there is the fact that the streets really are not conducive to getting a good, long, hard run in.   I need spring and I am normally a winter person.   I need the sun on my face and my feet to stay dry.   I also need not to have to worry about slipping and breaking something.   Yes, I know that I can run on the treadmill but it is just not the same.

I would like to blame some of my off scheduling on my cute little puppy who is getting bigger by the day, but honestly I was off before his arrival.   But by mentioning him, I will throw in a new puppy picture.


Maybe it is because when I first started on this path, I went full force.   I started at a level (which I miss) that was unsustainable.   I was working out every day which as a whole took up two hours of my day.    Not really a tremendous amount of time, but still.    At that time, I had something to prove not to anyone else but myself.  I proved it too.   I think that might be part of the problem.    I seem to be in permanent taper and I need a kick to get me going again.

I really think this slide started when I gave up Crossfit.   Yes, I said I was done with it.  Yet, it keeps pulling me back in.    I’ve tried going to the local gym to cross train.   It’s just not the same.  It’s boring.   It’s not fun.   It’s not the same.   I once at an older gentlemen tell me at the gym while I was doing barbell curls, “Wow, that’s a lot of weight for a girl.”    I wanted to tell him it was a lot of weight for a guy too, but just smiled.    See, not the same.

As they say once you recognize you have a problem, you can fix it.   So, I recognize my slump.    I now just need to figure out how to get out of it.   Especially with all these races I’ve signup up for!

I bought on an auction a month pass to Crossfit as my last box membership expired.   At least that will kick my butt.   Until I start though,  I will work on getting myself out the door and motivated!