Who remembers as a kid singing the song in Health Class about everything being connected?

“The hip bone’s connected to the back bone
The back bone’s connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone’s connected to the head bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!”

Cute song that helped us learn about how our bones were connected.   Then on our way we go.   As adults most of us never think about how inter-connected our bodies are and how interconnected everything really is.   Yes, as athletes we know about proper fueling but for most of us that is the extent of our thought process.

Then again.   Maybe that’s just me.

Yes, I do know the rule garbage in equals garbage out.

All that being said, for the most part as a grown up we pretty much know what is considered healthy and what isn’t and eat accordingly.    We really don’t give it much thought other than that.   Honestly, why would we?

The only time a person really starts to think about these things is when they need to.  I’ve been giving more thought to it recently.   They body is an amazing thing the way it works.   How it takes in nutrients and uses them.   How certain foods will help and certain foods will hurt with calcium absorption.   Yes, that’s really all I seem to care about right now.   Forgive me.   But it’s all interconnected.

So I’ve been doing my research, but it can be overwhelming.   Yes, we all know about dairy, but there is a whole host of other foods that are good too.    Then there is a whole host of foods that are not good for calcium absorption such as caffeine, salty foods, and high protein foods just to name a few.   This then creates a quandary.

Remember I had planned to go on my diet May 1rst.    Remember it was going to be a high protein diet because that is what worked for me in the past.   Well obviously it won’t work for me now.   Also, as an athlete I depend on replenish myself after a good workout with protein.   Should I continue with that pattern?   These are questions that I am asking myself now.   These are questions that I need answers to.

So it is all interconnected.

And this isn’t even getting into the discussion of how exercise effects calcium levels.

As of now, I’m reaching out to those who are more knowledgeable and I’m emailing some nutritionist.   I’m looking for an individual who looks at the big picture and can help me individualize something for me.    There are a lot of nutritionists out there.   The key is to find the one that will work well with me and as a plus will take insurance.   I’ve already called and my insurance does cover up to 3 per calendar year and unlimited if medically necessary.   When I asked what that was, they immediately went to a diabetic.   Well I will question if they tell me they won’t cover my visits (but that is a fight for another day).

It’s funny how things you never gave a thought to before suddenly fill your mind.


Honesty is the Best Policy

Time for some brutal honesty.

I’ve got wiggles.  I’ve got jiggle.   I’ve got a belly that would shake like a bowl fully of jelly if not for the support of  my running pants.   As my son once told me, I’ve got a nice soft tummy like a pillow.

Yup, he said that.

You know what?   He wasn’t wrong when he said it and it’s still very true today.   Instead of a six-pack, my abs could be described more like a marshmallow quality.

I told you that it was time for brutal honesty.

Now as I admit these things, that does not mean I’m beating myself up.   I’m just being honest.   I will also say that I’ve got legs that really are very muscular, strong, and can go the distance.


.   These legs and the accompanying jiggle have taken me many miles and on awesome adventures.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind loosing a few pounds.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if I want to make the sacrifices required to do so either.

Here is the thing….

  • I’ve got a hubby that genuinely doesn’t care about the extra jiggle and I plan on keeping him.
  • My blood pressure is amazing and I’ve got great cholesterol levels.
  • My heart is obviously doing ok with all the cardio (AKA running) that I do.
  • In the whole scheme of things, even though I would be happy if I lost the weight, I am also happy with keeping it.   To be honest it really won’t change my life at all.

Last time that I went on a major diet was between son number two and son number three.   Son number three is now 10.    So it’s been a while.  At the time, I did the South Beach Diet.   It took dedication and planning, but it did work.   I’m just not that sure that I want to be that dedicated.   I’m beginning to ponder and develop a game plan.

I do know that I will do nothing till May 1rst which is the day after the the NJ Half Marathon.   You would think this would have something to do with the actual race, but it doesn’t.  It has to do with not setting myself up for failure.   April is my mother’s, my son’s, and my birthday.   Plus it is Easter.   I don’t want to start something that I know wont end well.

I am thinking that the best course of action will be just to start making wiser decisions which I’m already trying to incorporate.  Drink more water.   Eat more fruit.   Just think about what I’m eating.   Who knows maybe that is all I need right now:)

So if I’m happy with things, why even think about the weight.   Well I’m also thinking about goals for the year.    I know realistically that if I do loose a few pounds that I might actually be able to run the Chicago Marathon well.   Maybe even hitting the elusive 4:30 mark.   Of course, a lot of that also depends on my training.  So if I plan to loose weight it will need to be before marathon training begins.

Right now these are just thoughts.   Pondering.   Weighing my options if you will.

You got to have goals and to have goals you have to have plans.

What’s your goal?

Don’t Run on Empty

I am great at what to eat after a  run.  I have a variety of post workout protein drinks ready to go.   What I’m really not great about is what to eat before and even during my runs.  How to properly “fuel” my run.

I’ve been told that runners have their own language.   It is true to a certain extent, but I think most sports have their own language.   If you were to put me on the sidelines of a football game or any other sport, I would have no idea what they were talking about.   The thing with languages though is that anyone can learn them.   I’m learning the importance of fuel for running now

Full Definition of fuel

  1. 1a:  a material used to produce heat or power by burning b:  nutritive material c:  a material from which atomic energy can be liberated especially in a reactor

  2. 2:  a source of sustenance or incentive

They say that the body is the best designed machine.   I believe that to be true.   Just like a machine then, your body needs fuel to run at it’s best.   When you are running longer distances, fuel becomes so very important to you.   I’m not new to how important, but I’ve realized that I need to be smarter with both my fuel choices and timing of it.   As they say timing is everything.  Take it too soon and you’ve wasted it.   Take it too late and a run can go from good to bad quickly.     From experience I can tell you that for me it is hard to bounce back once you’ve waited to long to fuel.    I can also say that if you take it too soon and end up needing to refuel more often that can lead to problems too.   This is why I have started to pay attention to not only what I’m taking but when I’m taking it.   We train for everything else.   We also need to train for our fueling.


This is where I am at.  I want to know how this works better.  I want to understand it because if I can understand it maybe I can actually do it better.   There is much to learn and I am only just beginning.

I have started to keep a detailed training log this year.   With all my runs to include weather, what I wore, how I felt, and when I fueled.    I really believe this is the piece that I’ve been missing.   Not that this is going to make me a super runner because I will never be that.   What it will help me to do though is be the best that I can be.    That is enough.

We all know that we should carb load before a run.   There is truth to this, but it is not the be all end all for the long run.   The body on average can only store 90 minutes of energy for a run.   This is why once you start pushing the distances fuel becomes so important.  That being said once you start pushing the pace, you need more fuel too because just like your car burns more fuel thw faster it goes so does the body.

As with everything in my life, this is a work in progress.   I will say though that I did discover a very tasty Honey Stinger Organic Fruit Smoothie gel that was soooooo very tasty.     This is coming from a GU girl too.    Live and learn.

I’ll keep you posted.

How do you fuel?