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A Necessary Evil

I’ve been good in listening to my coach.   I’ve done the required runs with the required paces.   I listen to the things that she asks me to do because I know that she knows what she’s talking about.   That being said, I may have slacked off a bit on the cross training.   Not until recently did she really give details on cross-training.   It had been more of telling you to cross-train.   So I will say that my cross-training may not have been what was expected, but I was doing my runs.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I know that’s not really the way it works.   There is more to running than the actual running.   I know.   When I first started running, I was doing Crossfit which I loved.   Loved.   Loved.   Loved.    At the time though, I really couldn’t justify paying for both Crossfit and having a coach especially when I already belong to my local YMCA.    Besides I was finding that between recovering from an event or tapering for one, Crossfit was no longer a good fit for me.    For a while I was good about continuing my cross-training.    Then little by little, things just slipped away to the point that I really was not doing much more than running.


I also know that if I want to improve my running, I can’t continue just running.    I need to get back into doing other things.   Maybe tone up my abs a little.   Now I’m not deluding myself into thinking that I will ever get washboard abs or even pre washboard abs.   I’m thinking maybe I should have a little less jiggle in the pouch.    No amount of running is going to make that happen which really does suck.

As I said before, now my coach through Training Peaks is giving specifics.   I will admit that yesterday she said 4 sets and I only did 2, but baby steps.   Besides I’m sore today from just 2 sets.   I couldn’t imagine how sore I would have been with 4 sets.    What really stinks too is that there really is no excuse not to do these things as there really isn’t much equipment involved and what is involved I already have.

Here is a sample of my workout

10 push-ups, 20 Kettle-bell swings, 10 burpees with push-ups, 10 bicep curls, 15 triceps dips.

Back in the hey day of Crossfit, I could have killed this workout.    Not so much now.   I had to break them up some.    I realized how just because I can now run around the block a few times, does not mean anything when it comes to cross-training.   I realized that I missed it a little too.    So I will continue to add these back in and do more than just the running.

I even went today and did the elliptical and stationary bike today per my schedule.

It is a necessary evil that I really shouldn’t avoid.

Besides I do like it:)

Yeah, I’m crazy like that.


What do you do for Cross-Training?

Do you like Cross-Training days?

Dusting Myself Off


As I said before, in the last couple of weeks I fell off the wagon.  Those days are over now.   I gave myself permission to not feel guilty and took a few intentional days off.   This was good because it was Middle Guy’s 13th Birthday.   There was cake to be had, buffets to go to, and other such things to do.   By intentionally taking this time off, I felt no guilt in not doing anything.   I think this was key.   I think sometimes an intentional break is needed for both mind and body.   This is good as long as once the break is over, it is go time.  It also puts the control back in my hands (yes, I know that it is always in my hands.  Sometimes though it doesn’t feel that way.)

So I felt no guilt eating his chocolate birthday cake that I made



Not one ounce of guilt.

I was on a short break after all,

but that break is over now.

I’ve got a plan.   I’ve thought it through.  Everything is not all in place yet, but enough that I feel confident in it.

Right now, I have loaded my Half Marathon training plans into Training Peaks.   I’m ready to go.   I know that once the other pieces fall into place, I may have to tweak the program but that isn’t a reason not to start.   So I’m starting today.   A rest day of all things:)   I do plan on keeping Monday my rest/recovery days as I think I do need to honor them.    So rest it will be today.   No guilt.

The beauty of this is that I do need a day to do many things around my house that I’ve been neglecting.  Besides the weather is starting to change for the better and I see comfortable outside running in my future.   This makes me happy.

I am working on adding Crossfit back into my routine.   I think I need it. I’m not sure how it will work out and I do also want to add swimming, but I think Crossfit is a good fit for me.   For now, it is part of the plan and I will adjust as I need to.

I think what also helped me is that I’ve been sleeping better.   I even went to be Saturday night by 10:30.   There is nothing better than getting enough sleep to help clear the cobwebs out and get you in a better mood.   So on that note, I’m off to bed.

What do you do to get out of a slump?

Keep Calm and Get Me Out of This Slump

We all know that it is so much easier to fall off the proverbial wagon than to climb back up on it.   I don’t know anyone who this is any different either.  Right now, I’m trying to climb back on the wagon but the wagon’s wheels are stuck in the snow.    I’m not sure if it’s the never ending winter blues, the lack of sleep, or just I need a gentle nudge; but I seem to have lost my umph.

I’m looking for it.

I’m going through the motions

(although not has hard as I used to).

I’m signing up for races left and right,

yet still….

Something is off.

Maybe it really is the Winter Blues.   I can’t seem to get back into my routine with the kids having a delayed opening what seems like every other day.   Then there is the fact that the streets really are not conducive to getting a good, long, hard run in.   I need spring and I am normally a winter person.   I need the sun on my face and my feet to stay dry.   I also need not to have to worry about slipping and breaking something.   Yes, I know that I can run on the treadmill but it is just not the same.

I would like to blame some of my off scheduling on my cute little puppy who is getting bigger by the day, but honestly I was off before his arrival.   But by mentioning him, I will throw in a new puppy picture.


Maybe it is because when I first started on this path, I went full force.   I started at a level (which I miss) that was unsustainable.   I was working out every day which as a whole took up two hours of my day.    Not really a tremendous amount of time, but still.    At that time, I had something to prove not to anyone else but myself.  I proved it too.   I think that might be part of the problem.    I seem to be in permanent taper and I need a kick to get me going again.

I really think this slide started when I gave up Crossfit.   Yes, I said I was done with it.  Yet, it keeps pulling me back in.    I’ve tried going to the local gym to cross train.   It’s just not the same.  It’s boring.   It’s not fun.   It’s not the same.   I once at an older gentlemen tell me at the gym while I was doing barbell curls, “Wow, that’s a lot of weight for a girl.”    I wanted to tell him it was a lot of weight for a guy too, but just smiled.    See, not the same.

As they say once you recognize you have a problem, you can fix it.   So, I recognize my slump.    I now just need to figure out how to get out of it.   Especially with all these races I’ve signup up for!

I bought on an auction a month pass to Crossfit as my last box membership expired.   At least that will kick my butt.   Until I start though,  I will work on getting myself out the door and motivated!

Friday Five – Favorite Indoor Workouts

Friday Five link-up hosted by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Today’s topic

Five Favorite Indoor Workouts

Now, you know I’ve been struggling to come up with my routine.   I think I’m getting there and these are the five that will stay in the mix.

Bikram Hot Yoga


Love, Love, Love it!   I’m not sure that I would love the Yoga without the heat.   I guess that is how you know that I am not a true Yogi which is something that I never claimed to be.   I am actually not very flexible at all either.   I’m hoping that will come with time as I can’t do many of the poses properly, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.   One day I may even be able to do Dhanurasana (#19)   Maybe the same day that  I can pronounce it, I will also be able to reach my ankles.


This is on my list of things to get back to on my rest days from running.   It is low impact, but still an amazing workout.   Plus since one of my goals is to have a better swim time in my September Triathlon, I really need to get going.   I want to get comfortable enough in my swim that when I do go out in the bay, I don’t have my normal panic attack and end up doing the backstroke.   Although I’m not sure swim class will help with that as it is more a panic attack from not being in the pool.

Strength Training

As you know, I’ve made the decision to cut Crossfit out of my routine.  It was a hard decision that I still wonder if it was the right one.  But as much as I love it, it doesn’t go with my goals for the year.   That being said, I am not giving up on weight training as I really think it was good for my running too.   All studies show how beneficial it is to women for not just their weight, but the bone density and many other things.   So don’t be afraid to pick up a weight.

Here is me doing my favorite lift  – The Deadlift


Spin Classes

I couldn’t just get on a bike inside and ride.   If I did, I would go at a leisure pace and not push myself.   Therefore, Spin Classes are perfect.   Great low impact workout for the legs.   There is also some talk that it is  great cross-training for runners.   I can believe it as it is all legs!   You are going full throttle building leg muscles but non of the impact of a run.   Plus with the way you push up the “hills” in class it is a great interval training.

Must remember to take more spin classes.

Kettle Bell Workout

If you don’t have a kettle bell, get one.   It’s something that doesn’t take up a lot of room in your house.   You can leave it sit in the corner of your closet or in my case, my workout stuff corner.   Don’t have time for a full workout?   Want to add something extra on a short run day?   There are so many things that you can do with it to target so many different muscles.     Can you tell I love mine?   I need to use it more as it really does pack a punch.   Don’t believe me.   Then just give it a try.

I guess it is good that I’ve thought about all of these great indoor things that I should be doing more of because we are entering a really, really, really cold front.   Plus my YMCA catalog just came.   So I think it is time to add some of these things back into my routine.

What is your favorite indoor workout?

We All Need a Little Rest


As the year starts to slowly begin, I am still pondering how to meet my goals for it and also how I can remain injury free.   I think when you start running (or really anything) as a younger person, you don’t contemplate possible injuries as much as you do when you start  in your 40’s.   Life is really not as footloose and fancy free as it is when your younger and the thoughts of being sidelined by an injury does not creep in until you are older (not that I’m old).  Besides the fact that as a mother of three and the Household Manager (fancy title isn’t it?), I really don’t have time to nurse a possible preventable injury.

Now when I say injury, I am not talking bad toe nail or such.   I’m talking the type that will require rest, doctors, ect.   Things that I don’t have time for.   Things I started thinking about after my Marathon when my ankle developed some tenderness.   Tenderness that I still notice now and then.   I must remember that I am not that spring chicken that my mind things that I am.

Yes, that sucks.

As I’ve said before since starting this journey, I have never been good about the “Rest Day.”    In the beginning, my Rest Day would consist of Crossfit.   I will admit that Crossfit is NOT a rest day.   I love it.   I really do.   I love adding on the weights and seeing how far I can push myself.  But that is not a rest day especially if the WOD includes Box Jumps or running or any other things.   Crossfit by design is meant to push your body to the limit.  The more I read, the more I realize that my running rest day should be something that isn’t pushing myself with high impact exercises but something low impact.

There are many other things that I can do on my Rest Day’s.   Things that give my joints a break.   Things that I enjoy too.


Things that  I could use for my Tri training too.




Bikram Yoga

  Even strength training, but maybe not at the intensity that Crossfit requires.

I’m struggling with this.

I haven’t been to Crossfit a lot recently.

I thought that I would jump back into it as I enjoy it,


I’m struggling to put a plan in place.

I’m struggling to realize that going may not be what I need to meet my goals.

The more I think about it,

the more I know the truth.

The sadder it makes me.

Kind of like saying by to a good friend that you know you won’t see for a while.

I guess this post is making me see what I need to do…..

Time to sign up for swim lessons again.

Time to get to Yoga again.

Time to give my body low impact rest days on rest days:)

Time to show off (not really) how much I can lift at YMCA.

I’ve already been told that I lift a lot for a girl.


What is your go to “rest day” exercise?