And Now It’s Over

Don’t worry that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Really.


First, I have to say that I was right in picking up my race goodies.    The shirt is nice although it’s green this year which threw me off.   They have been blue the last couple of years.   No socks or hat which is sad because I saw the hat they give for the Hat Trick and it was really cute.   It was a nice snow cap.  Those signed up for the Grand Slam do not get all those goodies which is a little odd.   That being said though,  Grand Slam entries got a really nice backpack.   One that I can actually see using.


Yesterday’s trail race was just what I said to my friend it would be.   A hike in the woods with a little running in between.   I ran yesterday trail run of less than 4 miles in just under an hour with an average pace of 15:37.   It was a pretty trail.   They are correct  their description of it too.  “The course includes plenty of rocks and short, steep climbs to challenge the most experienced trail runners, but even novices will find the terrain runnable.”  I would want to run this trail again.

I went into this as I said not be be a complete idiot and just to get my goodies.   I had thought that I might go out today for the 5K and 10K.   I even  set out my clothes out and set the alarm.    When I woke up, I felt good as I stretched in bed.   Once I got out of bed,  I felt that heal discomfort that Plantar Faciattis brings in the morning.   Nothing unrunnable.   Nothing I haven’t run through before.

So why am I sitting here writing this and not cruising down the highway then?

Because as I said yesterday, I wasn’t planning to be an idiot just a partial one.    I don’t really even think that I was an idiot for yesterday though.    And as I’ve also said in previous posts, I also need to be tough enough to do what I know needs to be done for long term recovery.    Yes, I’m sad that I will be missing out on today’s races, bling, and fun.   That being said I need to thing long term. I’m not a day trader and I’ve got nothing to prove.   I also know especially with shorter races(at least for me), you can’t help but push yourself faster than you should.  I’ve got to think of what is good long term as I’ve got some friends in town waiting to run with me.   That’s more important than a shiny medal and I’ve already got a few of them.


Besides there is always next year!

Plus I must admit that it will be nice to actually have a weekend at home after being away these last two weekends with Chicago Marathon and then College tours.   It might be nice to see my family.



It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Should I stay or should I go?

If I stay there will be trouble.

If I go it will be double….

The Clash done wrong.  (That’s a group Mom and it’s in reference to a song)

I know after my last post it seemed like I let the whole Runner’s World Event go, but I haven’t.    I can’t seem to let it go.   Yes, part is the money; but that’s not really it.  There is a lot more.   I’ve literally been obsessing over it to the point that it has been in my dreams.


Well for an obsessive runner, Maybe:)

I feel like I can do some of it.     I don’t think there is a reason I couldn’t.   I’m not planning to be an idiot.    Just a partial one.

Here is my thought.

So I go pick up my goodie bag (you know that’s what it is).   Runner’s World usually has awesome stuff in theirs – hat, socks, shirt, and some other odds and ends.   My foot has been feeling better.    I need some exercise.   I need to test out my foot.   So why not run a few miles at an easy pace. (Slow).

Today is the trail event.   Less than 4 miles.   Perfect chance to see how things feel.   I’ve been resting it  since Chicago and need to test it anyway.   This way I can update my Podiatrist on how it feels Monday when I see him.

So just this one little event and I’ll take it from there.

No expectations.

No plan.

Just a run in the woods.





Run and Run Some More.

You can’t be a runner long without hearing the expression


Sometimes it’s funny to hear.   Sometimes it’s annoying to hear.   Sometimes, I even say it.  It really depends on the way it’s said.

But there is truth to this.   Sometimes we overthink, over analyze, and just forget to enjoy the beauty of the actual run.   This weekend was different.

There was a part of me that wanted to run my races as races and not run them the smart way to run them to put myself in best position for NYCM.   Part of me wanted to attack those hills in Bethlehem.   Part of me wanted to see how if I could have run these races better than my first year of racing.  Part of me wanted to test my legs and feel the burn in my lungs.   But I needed to remember that in 20 days, I will be standing at the start line of the NYCM and then it will be go time.

I will say though that there is something to be said about running a good race, a smart race, and a fun race with friends.   We had a blast running together.   You get to chat away the miles.    You get to take in the course a little more.   You get to stop for photos if you want and you may even meet people that you might not meet otherwise.


Bethlehem is a really pretty course.   It was still a very tough course and those hills are wicked.



It’s funny, I the first year I ran this in 2014 I didn’t know what to expect.  I went into it with the race mentality.   I had great finish times.   In looking at my results now, I’m actually shocked.   In my age group, I was 41 for 5K, 29 for 10K, and 50th for the Half.   Although not racing this year, I still was in the the top 100’s for my age group.   I went into this in 2014 not even knowing if I could finish these races and now it’s a stepping stone for a larger race.   All that being said, I had a much better time this year.   In 2014, I ended up not only running the races by myself, but starting them and ending them alone.   I may not have ran as fast this year, but I had a much better race experience.   I had fun.   I laughed  until I cried at one point.

Life is better with friends!

I am so happy that I ran this again and would love to do it again.  Maybe with some more friends (hint. hint).

Whose in for next year?

I’m Back!

Two years ago I tackled the Runner’s World Hat Trick.   It was my first BIG event.   At that time, I trained specifically for this event with a training plan that I purchased from Runner’s World.   It was a good plan that had me ready to run it.   I was driven to run it and run it fast.   I even went to this race by myself and I did well.    I did so well that I brazenly thought, “Why not run a marathon now.”   Of course, I did have a friend who planted the seed and pushed me along:)

Fast forward two years later and I’m back.   Things are different this time around.  This is not a goal race.   This race is different as I’m not even viewing it as a race.   I’m viewing it as training for New York City Marathon.   I’m also not the same runner that I was two years ago.   I’m stronger and used to these long runs now.    That being said,  it is still difficult when you cross that starting line not to want to give it all you’ve got.


This isn’t my Rodeo.

This isn’t my goal now.

Eye on the Prize.

NYCM is just around the corner and this isn’t the time to run crazy.


Yes, I could have attacked the course faster today, but it would not have been a wise or smart move.   Luckily for me, I wasn’t alone today.   I was running with some other Mom’s Run this town who actually were doing four races in three days for 26.2 miles.   I’m only doing three races in two days.    And if more lucky, a few of us wanted to run these miles at an 11 minute pace and we kept each other in check.    Alone, I probably would have not run a smart race.   Together not only did I do what I needed to do, but we got to chat the miles away.


Win.  Win.

It is amazing to me how when I first started running an 11 minute pace was a goal.   Now it’s literally an easy running day.   Although I was saying today that this course is not really a course that I would want to try to PR as it is such a hilly course.   I also realize that I may be as fast as I’m ever get at this point.    I’ve run my sub 2 half.    I think that be the best it’s going to get for me.   So why not enjoy the ride (or run).

Tomorrow is another day and another race.

We will see what the day brings.   Then it’s taper town for New York which will be my rodeo.


 Tomorrow brings another 5 AM wake up call.   Another race and another outfit:)




Oops I Did It Again

As mentioned before, the second loop of the Dirty German I was on my own.   I had my trusty Garmin on counting down the miles left.   (Yes, at a certain point I like to think in terms of how many miles are left not how many I already ran).  When I was getting near the end though it seemed like the finish line would never come.   Then I heard noise in the distance breaking the silence of the trail.   It was like the call of the Sirens propelling me forward.    It beckoned me.   It gave my tired legs a jolt of energy.   It brought me out of the trail and across the finish line.

I thought it only fitting that the song playing while crossing the finish line was Brittney Spears Oops I did it again.      This seems to be how I get into these races in the first place.   I just kind of jump right in and then say to myself, “Oops I did it again”   guess I’m running another race.


It was going to be different after the Dirty German I was 100% sure.   This was just going to be something to cross off my list.   Before the race, I even told my coach that I was going to need a break when it was over.   I was sure my body was telling me it was time to slow down and run like a normal person.   I’m sure that she’s heard these type of things from other runners, so she was like, “Yes, we can change things up, keep your base so your ready for marathon training, and have some fun.”    That may not really have been what I wanted to hear.   I wanted to hear, have a great summer, don’t eat to much ice cream, and have fun running like a normal person.

So here we are not even a  full two week post Dirty German.   I’ve had a few recovery runs and I’m chomping at the bits to get out there again.   I miss it.   I’ve got a lot of time when not running hours every day.    Still not enough time to get everything done, but that’s a different story.    Anyway, I told myself I was done.   I was toast.   I was not running anymore long races.   Couldn’t wait to be done with NYCM, so I could officially end my training.

Then like every normal person or should I say every normal runner I Know, I go and sign up for another race.   Actually, I signed up for three but it’s one event so I can count it as one sign up.   I’m heading back to the Runner’s World Festival in October to do the Hat Trick again.   This is the event where you run a 5K rest for about an hour.   Then run a 10K and go home.   Then come back the next day to run a half marathon.    Now signing up for this makes perfect sense to me.    Really, I can totally justify it…..

  1. I previously talked to my coach about it.   She, obviously, said the choice was mine and it would really depend how I wanted to run them and what I wanted to get out of NY since it is fairly close to it.
  2. I love this race as it was my first big event.
  3. I totally am justifying it by saying this will be good training for NY due to the hills.    Really.   Makes perfect sense.
  4. I couldn’t help myself.

Besides, I think I still have self control because I had been thinking of signing up to run a trail event in the beginning of June.   I haven’t done that yet, so I don’t think I’ve totally lost it yet.   (Must be strong!)

As I said before, when you surround yourself with encouraging people doing amazing things, you can’t but help yourself.

How do you keep yourself in check?




Dreaming the Dream until I Can’t Dream It Anymore

Life has sadly made me a realist.    I know that it’s not fair.   I know that you can’t always get what you want.   I know these things, yet I will let you in on a little secret.   I’m still a dreamer.   I’m still the person who thinks maybe, just maybe, I could win the lottery.   Every year I still without fail dream and enter for my HGTV Dream House.    The list goes on and on.    But as much as a dreamer as I secretly am, I still prepare for what life brings.    One of my life motto’s is”

Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Not very inspiring at face value but if you look a little deeper it really is inspiring.   Yes, you have to prepare for anything that life may throw at you, but all the while you know there is something more.   Usually it’s the middle of the road more and not the golden ticket more, but there is always hope.

Growing up, I watched as my Grandmother had her book of lottery numbers.   She kept track of the numbers she played,   What numbers hit.   What the payouts were.   She dreamed of hitting the big one.   You know what?   She never did.   That was still ok because although she would have loved to win, it was the process that she enjoyed.   I guess I’m a lot like my Grammy and I actually think that is a good thing.   My Grammy I remember growing up was tough as nails, but also had such a softer side.   Now that she’s almost 90, I think it is the tough side that is keeping her going but the soft side is what shows through.

So it is in the spirit of my Grammy, the woman who always shot for the stars that taught me to dream the dream.    Even though the realist in me knows that I won’t win, I’m still shooting for the stars.    What am I shooting for now?    To be on the cover of Runner’s World!   Hey someone has to win and why can’t it be me.   No I’m not an elite athlete.   No, I don’t have a great backstory (although I kind of do).    No, I don’t have a bring a tear to your eye reason that I run.   I am just your average run of the mill runner like millions of others.   So why not me?

Now if you’ve made it this far, I would like to ask you to go one step further.   Please click on the link to vote for me.   You can vote for me often just not more than once a day.    So go ahead, you know you want to.



Runner’s World Cover Contest # 205