Dreaming the Dream until I Can’t Dream It Anymore

Life has sadly made me a realist.    I know that it’s not fair.   I know that you can’t always get what you want.   I know these things, yet I will let you in on a little secret.   I’m still a dreamer.   I’m still the person who thinks maybe, just maybe, I could win the lottery.   Every year I still without fail dream and enter for my HGTV Dream House.    The list goes on and on.    But as much as a dreamer as I secretly am, I still prepare for what life brings.    One of my life motto’s is”

Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Not very inspiring at face value but if you look a little deeper it really is inspiring.   Yes, you have to prepare for anything that life may throw at you, but all the while you know there is something more.   Usually it’s the middle of the road more and not the golden ticket more, but there is always hope.

Growing up, I watched as my Grandmother had her book of lottery numbers.   She kept track of the numbers she played,   What numbers hit.   What the payouts were.   She dreamed of hitting the big one.   You know what?   She never did.   That was still ok because although she would have loved to win, it was the process that she enjoyed.   I guess I’m a lot like my Grammy and I actually think that is a good thing.   My Grammy I remember growing up was tough as nails, but also had such a softer side.   Now that she’s almost 90, I think it is the tough side that is keeping her going but the soft side is what shows through.

So it is in the spirit of my Grammy, the woman who always shot for the stars that taught me to dream the dream.    Even though the realist in me knows that I won’t win, I’m still shooting for the stars.    What am I shooting for now?    To be on the cover of Runner’s World!   Hey someone has to win and why can’t it be me.   No I’m not an elite athlete.   No, I don’t have a great backstory (although I kind of do).    No, I don’t have a bring a tear to your eye reason that I run.   I am just your average run of the mill runner like millions of others.   So why not me?

Now if you’ve made it this far, I would like to ask you to go one step further.   Please click on the link to vote for me.   You can vote for me often just not more than once a day.    So go ahead, you know you want to.



Runner’s World Cover Contest # 205


2 thoughts on “Dreaming the Dream until I Can’t Dream It Anymore

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