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We All Need a Little Rest


As the year starts to slowly begin, I am still pondering how to meet my goals for it and also how I can remain injury free.   I think when you start running (or really anything) as a younger person, you don’t contemplate possible injuries as much as you do when you start  in your 40’s.   Life is really not as footloose and fancy free as it is when your younger and the thoughts of being sidelined by an injury does not creep in until you are older (not that I’m old).  Besides the fact that as a mother of three and the Household Manager (fancy title isn’t it?), I really don’t have time to nurse a possible preventable injury.

Now when I say injury, I am not talking bad toe nail or such.   I’m talking the type that will require rest, doctors, ect.   Things that I don’t have time for.   Things I started thinking about after my Marathon when my ankle developed some tenderness.   Tenderness that I still notice now and then.   I must remember that I am not that spring chicken that my mind things that I am.

Yes, that sucks.

As I’ve said before since starting this journey, I have never been good about the “Rest Day.”    In the beginning, my Rest Day would consist of Crossfit.   I will admit that Crossfit is NOT a rest day.   I love it.   I really do.   I love adding on the weights and seeing how far I can push myself.  But that is not a rest day especially if the WOD includes Box Jumps or running or any other things.   Crossfit by design is meant to push your body to the limit.  The more I read, the more I realize that my running rest day should be something that isn’t pushing myself with high impact exercises but something low impact.

There are many other things that I can do on my Rest Day’s.   Things that give my joints a break.   Things that I enjoy too.


Things that  I could use for my Tri training too.




Bikram Yoga

  Even strength training, but maybe not at the intensity that Crossfit requires.

I’m struggling with this.

I haven’t been to Crossfit a lot recently.

I thought that I would jump back into it as I enjoy it,


I’m struggling to put a plan in place.

I’m struggling to realize that going may not be what I need to meet my goals.

The more I think about it,

the more I know the truth.

The sadder it makes me.

Kind of like saying by to a good friend that you know you won’t see for a while.

I guess this post is making me see what I need to do…..

Time to sign up for swim lessons again.

Time to get to Yoga again.

Time to give my body low impact rest days on rest days:)

Time to show off (not really) how much I can lift at YMCA.

I’ve already been told that I lift a lot for a girl.


What is your go to “rest day” exercise?