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Prepare for Everything, Still have Nothing.

Sometimes the best laid plans still fall short.   You think you’ve got it all together only to realize that you haven’t got a clue.   That was kind of how this weekends run started out.   As I said to Dawn on the way there, ” Things always work out the way they are supposed to.   Even if that’s not how you planned it.”

This past weekend was another 9 plus 1 run in the city.    In the past, there have been a group of us who would drive in together.   Usually, the driver is someone who is familiar with getting in and out of the city.   Someone who knows the lay of the land if you will.    But this weekend the clown car was unavailable which meant that my cohort in crime and I had to get there and back on our own.   Now I am not afraid to drive anywhere solo.   I’ve even driven my kids to Florida and back.  I’m also contemplating taking them to Texas this summer.   Doesn’t bother me at all.   The difference is that this is usually on my schedule and usually there isn’t an event starting at a specific time such as was happening on Saturday.   Still we were confident in our ability to get there and meet up with another Mama runner.

We knew that since it was an 8:00 AM start time that once again we would need to leave before the sun.    All was set.   Clothes laid out.   Bag with Bib all packed.  Garmin loaded with street near the entrance of the Park.   We were good to go!   Then I realize that the Garmin wants to take me a totally foreign way.   When going into the City, I would normally take the tunnel, but for some reason my Garmin wanted to take me over one of the bridges.   She kept leading me astray.   I was getting annoyed with her and myself for not waiting till we got to the City to listen to her.   Time was ticking.   It was closer than we would have liked, but we did get there with a little bit of time to spare.

Besides the Garmin issue though, we realized that we did not have pins for our Bibs.   I didn’t think to check the bag for them as they are usually there.   I also thought that I had my handy dandy safety pin bracelet in my running bag.   Nope, not this time as I needed it.    Luckily I had a belt in my bag to use and Dawn did have one pin.   Still it put a crinkle in things and added some unneeded stress.

Once we get to the streets close to the park entrance, it is time to find the perfect parking spot.  Of course, it is a Saturday morning in NYC and there are no spots.   We are running out of time to look for one, so we end up just pulling into a parking garage.    Things to remember when parking your car in a garage for a race:

1.  You do not have the luxury of going through your running bag to calmly get your sh*t together.

2.  You do not have time to put your compression socks on.

3.  You will forget your arm sleeves that you end up not needing but still.

4.  You will also forget your hair band, but end up liking your hair down in your pictures anyway.

5.   You will feel a little panicked and out of sorts literally jumping out of your car and not taking a moment

6.  It all works out in the end.

7.  You arrive at your corral with literally only a few minutes to spare.   Giving you time to think about removing your throw away shirt.

Now one of the reasons that I wanted to do this run besides needing it for the 9 plus 1 is that it sounded like a fun event and it was.  It was the kickoff to Scottish Week.   There were bagpipers along the course, lots of people running in kilts, and just a gorgeous day.   I, shockingly, was one of those people running in a kilt.   Although mine was more of a tutu than an actual kilt.   I wanted to be fun.  I wanted to have fun.    I wasn’t in it for a PR (personal record).  I’ve actually only run one other 10K and that was when I was training very heavily for the Hat Trick.   This was going to just be a race to get me a check mark and for some fun.

A funny thing happened along the way though.

The race started.   It was packed.   Packed.  Packed. Packed.   Dawn had decided that she was going to run with the other MRTT Mama and go for a potential PR.   I had decided that I was just going to see how I felt and go with the flow.   I’ve still been fighting these pesky foot issues and really haven’t been giving it my all.   Race starts and we begin the bob and weave.    We end up splitting up as we were in a huge field of other runners.   Just keeping running.   I just kept telling myself it was only 6 miles.    A nice training run.   I go out fairly strong.   Experience a little foot discomfort, but nothing I haven’t felt before.   Then one mile down.   Then another.   By mile three, I’m realizing that I’m making good time.   By mile five, I realize that I could potentially PR which at this point I think would be cool.   By mile six, I know I’m going to be close.   I actually walked for a bit before someone with a Scottish accent, said something to me about keep going.   So I ran some more.   I finished.

Official Time 57:08

Previous 10K 57:19

Whew, that was close!

Then again, this wasn’t part of the plan, but it was a very nice bonus!

Moral of the story, sometimes you just have to roll with life.   You can plan all you want.   You can think you’ve got it all under your control, but the truth of the matter is that the best things in life happen when your not.


Always tutu!

Scotland 10K

Friday Five – Why Do I Want to Run NYCM

Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?


Today’s Theme

It’s a Friday Free For All

So, I’m going with….

5 Reasons I want to run the NYC Marathon


I figure since I’m talking about my 9 plus 1 races so much and my quest to run it in 2016,

that maybe I should ponder why I want to do it in the first place.

1.   It’s not easy to get into it and I do love a challenge.   For your average runner like me to run the NYCM, you have two options.   You can get in by raising money for charity or you can run the 9 plus 1 to qualify.  I have chosen the 9 plus 1 therefore I will by running my 9 NYC Road Runner Races and volunteer at one event.

2.   I drank the kool-aid!   When listening and following your fellow MRTT Mama’s on their journey of running in 2014, I realized how amazing it would be to not just be cheering someone on but to actually experience it first hand.  I am running many of these races with an amazing group of MRTT Mama’s and we are having fun!   You know that I feel fun is important.

4.  I think the way to show your children that they can do anything is  to show them by example.   If I can do anything I set my mind to (with in reason), they will know that they can too!

5.  To be able to say,

“I ran the NYC Marathon!”

Now time for some puppy love


Readjusting Goals and Expectations

With all goal setting, it is important along the way to take stock of how things are going and how expectations are meeting reality.

This is where I am today.


One of my goals for this year was to have a Bib a month.   I was very clear in my goals that Bibs would not carry over and only one a month would count on this.    Well it is time to readjust this goal seeing as I feel like I live in the Frozen Tundra and there are no races this month.   More to the point the races that were available, I could not do.   I wasn’t overly concerned because my MRTT group was hosting a Frozen Booty event.   I was going to do the 5K.    First we had a problem with the location and it was decided to be less formal event at a local park.   Then the weather took a sever dive and it was determined that everyone would run their own race and post their times.    I still did my 5K.   I even did it outside because I really, really, really dislike the treadmill.   My time was not spectacular, but I did it.   I finished in 31:03.   Actually not bad considering I walked at some points because I didn’t feel like landing on my behind in the snow.    But I did it.   I also plan to count this as I submitted my time to the National Chapter of MRTT.   Official enough for me.

One of my other goals for the year is to run a 5K in 25 minutes.   As I’ve said before, my PR for a 5K is 27 minutes.   I had hoped to know this goal out at the March 1rst 5K, but I really don’t see it happening.   I’ve been running on the treadmill, but I hate the treadmill.    This is not to say that I’m not going to try, but I think realistically I hopefully can reach this goal later in the year.   This is not the only 5K that I will run this year and this is only a goal at a local 5K.   If I don’t make it this year, I can always try again next.

As for my goal of qualifying for the NYCM, I do seem to be on track for that one.   I’ve already done one race and I’m registered for 5 more.    Along the way, my cohort and I are trying to make sure that we also run enough of the Borough series races to automatically qualify for the NYC Half Marathon next year.   Wouldn’t that be nice.    We’ve already got one qualifying event under our belt and are registered for others.   With any luck, things will fall into place and next year we can run the half and full.   That would be amazing to say the least!   So must keep on running to make sure that happens.

It is nice too that I can already say that I’ve reached a goal by running a trail half this year.   Thanks Dawn:)

So as of now, I am satisfied with where I am in my training and my goals.


No, I haven’t forget the 2 hour Half.   Just not sure of when.

How are you doing with yours?

Now What?

So as the expression goes,

I’m off and running.

So far.   So good.

I’ve met my January goal having completed not just one, but two events.   February, my local MRTT group is hosting an event, so I’m good there and I’ve got races scheduled in March, April, and May for the 9+1; so I am on my way.    Although, I am not getting ahead of myself as I know I’ve got a long way to go, but it is nice to have a plan.

Speaking of plans…

My next NYRR race is the Washington Heights Salsa and Blues 5K.   It seems like a fun event.   Plus it’s short even though they say it is a hilly course.   Now my cohort in crime has informed me that we are training to do this in 25 minutes.   SAY WHAT????   Did she not see the part about it being a hilly course?   Of course, Dawn loves her hills so this will be a good excuse to run some hills.   That being said, my fastest 5K is around 27 minutes on a course that could really only be described as non hilly.    But being as Dawn is my cohort in crime and I’ve talked her into (yes, your in) running the 9+1 AGAIN this year as she already did it last year and will actually be running NYCM this year, she is doing it again.   Therefore, I will train on hills.   I will run as fast as I can.   I will hope that we can do it.   The beauty of a shorter race is that you can run full throttle and just pass out or throw up at the end.   But lets hope that doesn’t happen and we are prepared for it.


Now the question will be….

How to prepare for it?

I’m not sure, but I do believe there may be some hill repeats, some dreaded treadmill workouts, and some other torturous running involved.

The next question will be…..


Easy answer…..

Because we can or at least think we can.

That is the beauty of running.    Just lace up.   Go out and see what happens.    The way I look at it, if it doesn’t happen what is the worst that can happen?    We have to try it again.   Now, I know that I am no Speedy Gonzalez and that a 25 minute 5K is probably the fastest I will ever run it (if I ever do).   You know what “that’s what it’s all about.”   Pushing limits.   Having fun and just seeing where it will take me (and my cohort).

In a million years would never imagine that I would be running races at all let alone setting time goals on them.   So I will just see how far I can go which is already farther than I’ve ever imagined.

Time’s They Are Changing…. Or Are They?

When I ran my first Half Marathon in May of 2014, I had no plan.    I had not a care in the world other than finishing the race.   I literally went into it on a wing and a prayer.  No training plan and hoped to finish.   No idea.   Just planned to run.  I think all first Half Marathons should be like this.   Actually this is how all my first races no matter what the type went!

Things are a little different now.   It’s not that suddenly I know what I’m doing (because I don’t).   It’s just that I’ve now run a few Half Marathons.   Not many actually.   I’ve only run 4.   Although it seems like more.    The difference is due to all the different events that I have run in the last year, I do have an idea of what I can and can not do.   I’ve also followed actual training plans and have goals.     That being said, I am still figuring it out.

So next week, I will be running my 5th Half Marathon.   My first race that will count towards my 9 plus 1 program for NY.    This race has snuck up on me and I will admit that I have, sadly, NOT been doing any training for it AT ALL.    So maybe times are not changing as much as I would like to think.   I have been sporadically running, but not training.  Chalk it up to post marathon I need a break from training and am just going to run now.

Another reason I have not been training is because from the time I signed up for this race, I knew this was one that I was going to run just to run.  A way to jump into the 9 plus 1 early.   I do not plan on setting any type of PR’s.   Plus since it is a winter race, I was not and still am not sure what the weather conditions will be that day.   Therefore, from the get go this has always been a race that I planned to just run to finish.

See I am even borrowing a cute hat from my sister to keep me warm and have some fun:)

hatI will check out the weather later in the week to finish up what I will run in.

Now all this being said, I am still putting more thought into this than I did my first half.   I know that I am not running full throttle, but I still want to finish decent.   I would be happy with around 2:20 which is what I ran Gretta’s Gallop (same location as this half).   Although, I did have a great pace setter then that I will be missing this race.   (Robyn – the ski slopes can wait and  I miss you!)    But I do think it might be time for me to put my Big Girl panties on now and set my own pace.


This requires thought.

This requires knowing what I’m talking about.


This requires follow through.

So I found a online Pace Calculator and working it all out.


It’s so much easier to just follow along:)

Do you have a race plan?