Friday Five – Why Do I Want to Run NYCM

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It’s a Friday Free For All

So, I’m going with….

5 Reasons I want to run the NYC Marathon


I figure since I’m talking about my 9 plus 1 races so much and my quest to run it in 2016,

that maybe I should ponder why I want to do it in the first place.

1.   It’s not easy to get into it and I do love a challenge.   For your average runner like me to run the NYCM, you have two options.   You can get in by raising money for charity or you can run the 9 plus 1 to qualify.  I have chosen the 9 plus 1 therefore I will by running my 9 NYC Road Runner Races and volunteer at one event.

2.   I drank the kool-aid!   When listening and following your fellow MRTT Mama’s on their journey of running in 2014, I realized how amazing it would be to not just be cheering someone on but to actually experience it first hand.  I am running many of these races with an amazing group of MRTT Mama’s and we are having fun!   You know that I feel fun is important.

4.  I think the way to show your children that they can do anything is  to show them by example.   If I can do anything I set my mind to (with in reason), they will know that they can too!

5.  To be able to say,

“I ran the NYC Marathon!”

Now time for some puppy love


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