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Diving Right In – Slowly!

So if you didn’t notice, I have what you call on “online presence”  to say the very least.    I belong to a few online running/exercise groups with a few of them being intertwined.

In one of the groups a discussion began regarding the ESPN Magazine Body Issue.   Not that I’m a prude, but Ok can we have a body issue that their not naked.   Ok, maybe I am a prude because the pictures are tasteful, but still.   Now this post isn’t about ESPN magazine, so I will just share the link that opened the discussion or just Google ESPN Body Issue.

Anyway, the discussion and conversation evolved into more than just the athletes but body image as a whole.   Then women in the group started sharing pictures of themselves from races, swimsuits, and just empowering images.   I even shared one of my race photos.   It was one from the NJ State Sprint Triathlon.    It was a day that I felt that I wasn’t at my best, but yet I still crossed the finish line (actually in not a bad time).    Yes, you can reflect on what you could do different and learn from it, but every finished race is an accomplishment.   Ever race that you start is inspiring.  No matter how bad a race is once you cross the finish line you can’t help but know that you’ve accomplished something.

NJS1117Reading their inspiring words and seeing their inspiring images gave me courage.   For all my swagger, I still have very poor body image.   Yes, I can run a marathon.   Yes, I will do a Triathlon, but ask me to put a swimsuit on and I might just run the other way.   Why is that?    I mean there are people of ALL different body types wearing just what they want.   Their confidence amazes me.    I look at pictures of me crossing the finish line at the Gortex Philly Marathon and I think, “Damn, is that what I look like from behind” and not in a complementary way.

Philly Marathon

Philly Marathon Finish

Well I decided it was just time for me to dive right in.   That is usually how I get into all my races, so why not do the same with my bathing suit.   No real thought process.   Just sign up and let the chips fall where they fall.    So this morning, I went to my favorite store (Athlete – like you didn’t know).   I have been eying this bathing suit since I first saw it in the spring.    Didn’t buy it because “I don’t have the right body for it”    I’ve got stretch marks.   I’ve don’t have a flat stomach.   I don’t have on hourglass figure.  Blah, Blah, Blah.

I do have a body though and it’s up to me what I put on it.

I bought the suit.

Bathing SuitI’m going to wear the suit:)


Friday Five – Five Brands I LOVE!

Here we are again for another Friday Five hosted by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What? for hosting the Friday Five link-up!

Today’s theme

Five Brands I love

1.  Athleta – I think this should be a given being as I love their running pants, winter jacket, running vest, and basically anything that I buy from them.   Yes, they do cost more but they are worth it.   Sometimes you really do get what you pay for and with Athleta you are getting top quality.    Plus they have the best return policy I know.


2.   Savory Spices – Yes, I know this is a running blog.   That being said it is important to fuel your body with tastey and healthy food to keep it going.   Love, love, love their spices.    It is a great way to flavor your food without added fat.  Although, I admit that I may have a Spice problem, but I think there are worse problems to have;)

savory spice

3.  Trek – I felt so much of a difference when I switched to my Trek bike for my Tri’s.   NO, I do not have the top of the line Trek.   I don’t even have the middle of the line, but I know that it has made a huge difference in my biking.  Maybe one day I will upgrade, but for now I’m good.

4.  Gu – you either love them or you hate them.   To me, I’m in the love them category and I like them to refuel.   They are easy to take, tastey too.    I don’t care how good something is to fuel me on a long workout, if I can’t eat it.   Personal favorites are Caramel and Strawberry/banana.  Yummy!

5.   North Face –  They have some really great products and by far my favorite running bra.   Fits comfy.   Small storage pocket.   Double layered.   No chaffing.  What more could a girl ask for?

What are your  top Five?

Can’t wait to see….

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

I woke up this morning at 7:00 after setting my alarm last night to meet my MRTT Mama’s for a cold winter run.   Normally, I do not meet them on the weekend.  Often they meet too early for me and I do enjoy sleeping in on the weekend.   I really had no excuse not to go seeing as they were not meeting till 8:00 and I did need the miles.   On top of that I really did need to get out there and run in the cold and it was cold.   The car thermometer registered 17 degrees when I got in.  I will admit that running in the cold is not at the top of my list of things to do, but seeing as I have a Half Marathon coming up on the 25th I need to suck it up!

Besides I needed to try out my new running jacket that I got just for cold weather running.   If you recall in my previous post The Most Expensive FREE Sport Ever, I have been searching for the perfect coat to run in.   So far nothing that I got seemed to work, but I do think that I have a winner!!

Ding. Ding. Ding.


The Athleta Full Speed Jacket

My only problem that I had today is that I thought this was like a normal jacket and ran with one too many layers.

Layer One – Under Armour Long Sleeve Shirt

Layer Two – Under Armour Short Sleeved Heat Gear Shirt

Layer Three – Athleta Long Sleeved Extra Long Chi Top

Outer Layer – New Full Speed Jacket& Reflective Power Lift Tights

And off my BA MRTT Mama’s and me went.


 I will also admit that even though the whole point of the jacket is to reflect my body heat back to me to keep me warm that I had my doubts.  No more.   By mid run, I had my gloves off and my jacket fully unzipped as I was warm.   So next time, I will try just the short sleeved Heat Gear over the Chi Top as that one promises to be unstinkable and was so soft! I do know though that I will have to suck it up at the beginning and realize that I will be toasty warm in no time.  I got the large for comfort with added layers which did make the sleeves a little long but to me that is a plus for running in the cold.

Overall I would highly recommend this jacket.   I wish that I could have waited for a sale,

but as Violet from Charlie in the Chocolate said,


So I paid full price.

It was not cheap.

But it was so worth it.

Like the Reflective Running Tights.

Now I wish I could say that Athleta was sponsoring this post or giving me a freebie for saying these things, but they aren’t.   This way though you know I speak the truth as I always do.

So Athleta feel free to sponsor me for some honest feedback:)

What is your favorite winter running item?

The Most Expensive FREE Sport Ever!

We’ve all heard the expression that anyone can run because it doesn’t cost anything.


Now I don’t know who said this, but they are an idiot.

Just saying:)

From the outside looking in, it may appear that running is a “free” sport as there is no charge to run in the street.    I would love to think that running is a free sport.    I would further like to convince my husband that running is a free sport, but he is a smart man and an accountant at that so I believe he knows better.   Yes, I would like to think that running is free, but I am only fooling myself and no one else.

The second hydration belt I bought because I liked the waterproof pocket of it compared to the first one WAS totally necessary.   The shoes that need to be replaced as the miles add up.   The shoes I bought that didn’t feel right when I used them that needed to be replaced (plus  they squeaked). The Gu by the case from Amazon to keep me  going.   The running tights, the sports bras, and on and on the list goes.  We won’t even get into race fees here as I’m just talking about “gear.”  Yes, running does not have to break the bank, but I think once you hit a certain point in your running you do need to dip into the Piggy Bank not just to prevent injury but also for comfort.

That is where I am at right now.


As the weather changes, I am an the search for the perfect running jacket.   Yes, I did buy a nice jacket recently.   I really like it, but I’m not sure if it will be the right jacket for me to run in.   This may end up being only something to run in when it is REALLY cold and snowy.   This will also be a  great jacket for playing in the snow.    I do know that I tried to use it for my half this past weekend and I got too warm in it relatively quickly. The temperatures at the start was in the mid twenties.   Underneath the jacket I had a base layer of a long sleeved under armour and a short sleeved heat gear shirt.    Yes, I do know that I tend to run hot so for me this jacket might not be the right fit to run in or I need to adjust my layers.   So off I am looking for another jacket when I’ve already made a decent investment in one and it is driving me nuts.  (For those curios – I got the Athleta Maribel Ski Jacket on sale, of course).   I think I need something more breathable, but I also want something waterproof.

In my search, I have found many jackets that I would get in a heartbeat if I wasn’t worried about the price.   Then there is also the part where you think that you are getting something that will fit your needs and realize that it doesn’t.   Case in point the jacket that I just bought.   Sometimes you need to take things for a test run to find out and sometimes you need to take it on several test runs.   I’m not giving up on my sleek warm waterproof jacket, but I know that I need other options too.   And so it goes with running in a place with fluctuating temperatures.   Just like your normal wardrobe, you need different things for every season of running.

Light Jackets,  Rain Jackets, Heavy Jackets, Layers…

On and On it goes..

Admit it, you’re running gear is busting out of the drawers too or is that just me?