Diving Right In – Slowly!

So if you didn’t notice, I have what you call on “online presence”  to say the very least.    I belong to a few online running/exercise groups with a few of them being intertwined.

In one of the groups a discussion began regarding the ESPN Magazine Body Issue.   Not that I’m a prude, but Ok can we have a body issue that their not naked.   Ok, maybe I am a prude because the pictures are tasteful, but still.   Now this post isn’t about ESPN magazine, so I will just share the link that opened the discussion or just Google ESPN Body Issue.

Anyway, the discussion and conversation evolved into more than just the athletes but body image as a whole.   Then women in the group started sharing pictures of themselves from races, swimsuits, and just empowering images.   I even shared one of my race photos.   It was one from the NJ State Sprint Triathlon.    It was a day that I felt that I wasn’t at my best, but yet I still crossed the finish line (actually in not a bad time).    Yes, you can reflect on what you could do different and learn from it, but every finished race is an accomplishment.   Ever race that you start is inspiring.  No matter how bad a race is once you cross the finish line you can’t help but know that you’ve accomplished something.

NJS1117Reading their inspiring words and seeing their inspiring images gave me courage.   For all my swagger, I still have very poor body image.   Yes, I can run a marathon.   Yes, I will do a Triathlon, but ask me to put a swimsuit on and I might just run the other way.   Why is that?    I mean there are people of ALL different body types wearing just what they want.   Their confidence amazes me.    I look at pictures of me crossing the finish line at the Gortex Philly Marathon and I think, “Damn, is that what I look like from behind” and not in a complementary way.

Philly Marathon

Philly Marathon Finish

Well I decided it was just time for me to dive right in.   That is usually how I get into all my races, so why not do the same with my bathing suit.   No real thought process.   Just sign up and let the chips fall where they fall.    So this morning, I went to my favorite store (Athlete – like you didn’t know).   I have been eying this bathing suit since I first saw it in the spring.    Didn’t buy it because “I don’t have the right body for it”    I’ve got stretch marks.   I’ve don’t have a flat stomach.   I don’t have on hourglass figure.  Blah, Blah, Blah.

I do have a body though and it’s up to me what I put on it.

I bought the suit.

Bathing SuitI’m going to wear the suit:)


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