The Most Expensive FREE Sport Ever!

We’ve all heard the expression that anyone can run because it doesn’t cost anything.


Now I don’t know who said this, but they are an idiot.

Just saying:)

From the outside looking in, it may appear that running is a “free” sport as there is no charge to run in the street.    I would love to think that running is a free sport.    I would further like to convince my husband that running is a free sport, but he is a smart man and an accountant at that so I believe he knows better.   Yes, I would like to think that running is free, but I am only fooling myself and no one else.

The second hydration belt I bought because I liked the waterproof pocket of it compared to the first one WAS totally necessary.   The shoes that need to be replaced as the miles add up.   The shoes I bought that didn’t feel right when I used them that needed to be replaced (plus  they squeaked). The Gu by the case from Amazon to keep me  going.   The running tights, the sports bras, and on and on the list goes.  We won’t even get into race fees here as I’m just talking about “gear.”  Yes, running does not have to break the bank, but I think once you hit a certain point in your running you do need to dip into the Piggy Bank not just to prevent injury but also for comfort.

That is where I am at right now.


As the weather changes, I am an the search for the perfect running jacket.   Yes, I did buy a nice jacket recently.   I really like it, but I’m not sure if it will be the right jacket for me to run in.   This may end up being only something to run in when it is REALLY cold and snowy.   This will also be a  great jacket for playing in the snow.    I do know that I tried to use it for my half this past weekend and I got too warm in it relatively quickly. The temperatures at the start was in the mid twenties.   Underneath the jacket I had a base layer of a long sleeved under armour and a short sleeved heat gear shirt.    Yes, I do know that I tend to run hot so for me this jacket might not be the right fit to run in or I need to adjust my layers.   So off I am looking for another jacket when I’ve already made a decent investment in one and it is driving me nuts.  (For those curios – I got the Athleta Maribel Ski Jacket on sale, of course).   I think I need something more breathable, but I also want something waterproof.

In my search, I have found many jackets that I would get in a heartbeat if I wasn’t worried about the price.   Then there is also the part where you think that you are getting something that will fit your needs and realize that it doesn’t.   Case in point the jacket that I just bought.   Sometimes you need to take things for a test run to find out and sometimes you need to take it on several test runs.   I’m not giving up on my sleek warm waterproof jacket, but I know that I need other options too.   And so it goes with running in a place with fluctuating temperatures.   Just like your normal wardrobe, you need different things for every season of running.

Light Jackets,  Rain Jackets, Heavy Jackets, Layers…

On and On it goes..

Admit it, you’re running gear is busting out of the drawers too or is that just me?

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