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Just Keep Running, Running, Running

Thankfully today is a Rest Day.   Ok, actually I should do some swimming or Yoga.   Maybe I will, but honestly I probably won’t.   I might take a power nap later if that counts.   Doesn’t it?

So how did these last 2 days go?

Pretty good if I do say so.

Let’s start with the Cut-Down.    I went into this confident and I do think that might make a bit of a difference.   What has also helped is that the temperatures cooled  to perfect fall temps.    Yes, indeed, that makes a  huge difference. I have to say this was hands down my BEST cut-down.   I felt good.   I felt confident and my splits are very pretty if I do say so myself and I do:)   I did need to stop around mile 5 as I thought I had something in my shoe.   Took shoe/sock off and all looked good until I got home with bloody toe.   My feet are going to need some major TLC when Marine Corps Marathon is over.   Without further ado, here it is:


Total Time: 1:40:02

Splits: 10:53. 9:56, 9:54, 9:48, 9:42, 9:35, 9:25, 9:11, 9:09, 12:30

Pretty sure I was about to have a heat attack by the end of mile 9, but then I remembered this was supposed to be hard and pushed till the end of the mile.  I do admit as soon as my watch marked the mile, I slowed down.  A lot!
I did this run in the afternoon which did concern me as I was planning on my 18 the next morning.    The whole point of the 18 though was to run on tired legs and that’s what I did.    I plotted out a route not that I ever follow it exactly, but it is enough to get me where I need to go.   I started this run with some of my fellow MRTT Mama’s and we did about 6 miles together.   Then off to face the miles alone.   This was a good combination as I will ultimately be running the marathon alone.
I used a combination of shot blocks, sports jelly beans, Gu, and at mile 12 I stopped to refill my water bottles at a Dunkin Donuts.   If you know me, you know that I can’t NOT get a coffee.   So I took a 5 minute coffee break and gulped down a small (which I never get) iced latte.    I’m not really sure that I would do it again.   Although maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to do since I did finish my 18.
Although, I did get a little help from my friends:):)
As I said, I had my run plotted out.   I planned to stop at mile 16 at my friend Genine’s house as she offered to leave water in a cooler for me.   I’ll be honest once I stopped I REALLY didn’t want to start up again.   But not only was she sweet enough to leave me the water in a cooler, but an inspiring note that really did help push me to keep moving.   It became my temporary mantra, “Finish Strong!”
Finish Strong
So I kept going, chanting until I hit the hill.   I didn’t intentionally plan to end my run on a hill, but it seems to happen to me a lot depending on the way I go.   I think this is a positive thing as we all know running up hills is good training.   The I remembered that the Marathon ends on a Hill literally!   So then I changed my mantra to….
Hey it worked, because I had really good splits at the end.

Moving Time 3:08:26

12:45, 13:01, 10:39, 10:35, 10:46, 11:12, 10:25, 10:32, 10:17, 11:11, 10:52, 10:20, 10:35, 10:32, 11:21, 10:38, 10:18  & then since Garmin didn’t record whole 18 2.36
You Ran How Far?
So today, I am tending to my feet.   Doing some stretching and just as importantly catching up on all the things that I have let slide while putting in the miles.

How do you balance it all?

Testing the Limits


So today was a BIG day for me.    Today was a test.    A test that I passed. Barely.   It was hard as hell, but I completed the task at hand (or foot).   Today I ran for the VERY first time 20 miles. Did I hit “the wall?:   Maybe, but I kept on going.  I did it in 3:57:02 burning over 2000 calories which I think I may have consumed since I finished.

So why the test?

You may remember my post Can’t Always Get What You Want

Where I talk about how close I came to possibly being in this years NYC Marathon.

Obviously, I  didn’t get in, but it was there in the back of my mind.  Could I run a Marathon if I wanted.   Could I push myself?   I didn’t get the opportunity to find out, so I focused on the Hat Trick training which worked for me.   But in my mind,  the seed was planted.   I may do the NYC Marathon in the future, but I wanted to test my limits now.   I have friends that are  going to Philly to do the Gore-Tex Marathon in a few weeks. I’ve been toying with it, but haven’t made a decision.   I could even do a half.  I could call it a day and just wait till next race season.   I’ve pushed a lot this year.   A lot more than I ever thought that I would.  But I was curious if I could push myself for a long training run.   I wanted to see if I could do it.   Dawn had one today.   So I tagged along.   Why not?    Just a fun day with a friend.   But I told her I would do the 20 and she got me there.

Before today the most I’ve ever run in one day is a little more than 13 miles.  Training for the Hat Trick, I did have days where I would run 13 after running 5 & 8 in the preceding days.   I ran 22 total when I did the Hat Trick.   I needed to see if I could do the 20 though.

I never fully understood how heavy the legs would feel on a long run like this.   There were decent hills too and as the miles rose it felt like someone was adding weight to my legs.   Since I didn’t “need” this run for any other reason than to test myself, I probably (no probable here) would have stopped without my running buddy.   I would have hated myself later, but I still would have stopped. She needed it, but she also knew that mentally I needed it.   We plodded through this run with a good solid pace even up those big hills.  It was worth it, when we hit the 20 though.

What did I learn about pushing it to 20 today?

  1. Don’t do Crossfit with wall balls the day before.
  2. Don’t do a 6 mile hills  two days before
  3. I can do it.
  4. I am ready, I just need to decide if now is the time.

So as I ponder these things, I will finish my wine, eat my chocolate, and go to bed as I’m tired!


What limits do you push?