Can’t Always Get What You Want

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As you know by now, I started on this journey that I’m on by total chance.   I was NEVER that athletic kid.   I was never the one picked  first or even second (third, forth, ect)  in gym class.   I never dreamed of running races of any types.   Then sometimes things present themselves to you and you begin to think, “Yes, I would love to do that!”  That’s what started it all.   I never would have done my first Tri if it weren’t for someone asking.

Such a thing happened to me this week.   I had heard of a potential opportunity to possibly be able to run this years 2014 New York City Marathon on a charity team.  It was only a possibility but seemed so real and in my grasp.   I plotted out how to take my Hat Trick training up a notch to Marathon training.    I will also not lie that the thought of actually running 26 miles In NY was (is)  both beyond frightening and thrilling.   I was literally moments away from signing up.  I sat down to register, when I got the email that the opportunity was no longer available.

Was I disappointed?

No doubt.

Was I relieved?


Am a I a little sad?

of course.

Am I still dreaming of the possibility?

You bet!

I honestly don’t know if I will ever run the NY City Marathon.   I might.   It could happen.   What is amazing to me is that I am actually at a point where I  even think I could run a Marathon with training.    There was a time only two short years ago where I didn’t think that I would even complete a 5K.   Now, I’m running all kinds of things. It’s amazing how things change if you want them to.

I think the blessing in disguise here will be that when I do finally run a Marathon which I think will be in 2015, I will we be able to go into it feeling more confident and not rushed in my training. I am also a  firm believer in that things happen for a reason.   We may not always know the reason, but that is just the way life is and there really is no point questioning it.  So even though I was not able to get in this time, I will support my friends who were able to get into the race and cheer them on every step of their journey.

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