Another Year Down

As I plan for 2016, I paused to look back on 2015 and I have much to be proud and thankful of with my running.  Sometimes I still can’t believe how far I have come.  Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am a runner as that is not something I ever could have imagined.   I am not the same though.   People evolve, grow, and change.   Even so, sometimes I forget that.   Believe it or not some days,  I still struggle with calling myself a runner which is kind of head scratching when I look at my running history.   Last year alone, I ran many events including a marathon.   On top of that I ran 1000 miles.   Yet with all of these miles, I still struggle to call myself a runner.  I might be a little mental…..

I’m not fast enough.  I don’t know enough.   I’ve walked in both marathons that I’ve completed.  ect, ect, ect.

Then I remind myself that none of that matters.    If any of my running friends said these things about themselves, I would shut them down.   The same should apply to me…

I am a runner because I say I am.   I am a runner because I run no matter the pace or distance.  You don’t need to be the fastest to be a runner, you just need to be running.


This is one of the reasons that I display my bibs, medals, and running pictures in my office area.   It is a reminder to me of what I can accomplish if I dare to dream and I tend to dream big:)  I also did a decent job of completing some of my goals for 2015.   I didn’t complete them all which I’m ok with because I completed them all in one year then my goals weren’t challenging enough.

Here is the run down…

  1. Complete the 9 plus 1 for NYCM entry – Check.   Not only did I complete it, but I had such a great time doing it!
  2. Run a Half Marathon in 2 hours – Nope.   This one didn’t fit into my training plan as I was working more on endurance not speed.   This year it will be back on the table.
  3. Complete the Iron Girl with better time than last year – Didn’t meet this goal which really wasn’t a surprise as I did not train enough on the swim or the bike.   I think this race will now be delegated to a run event where time doesn’t matter.
  4. Run my first trail Half – I did this one well before I realized I would.   I ran in in January and it was a surprise to me:)
  5. A Bib a month challenge –  With chasing the 9 plus 1, this one wasn’t that hard to accomplish. The hardest month to complete was actually February as February races in the east are hard to find.   I ended up doing a virtual race with my MRTT group.   Although I did add the Jingle Bell Jog in December to finish it off.   Normally, I would not race in December.
  6. Run the MCM – Semper Fi!!    Would love to do this one again as it really was a great event.

Now time to reflect on goals for 2016.   Some I can’t believe I’m not only dreaming about but already signed up for such as a 50K!     But that’s for another day.   Today is a day of refeclecting.   Tomorrow is the day for planning:)

How did you do on your 2015 Goals?


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