What to Do? What to do?

I’ve been thinking a decent amount about what I would like to accomplish in 2016.   The more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to simplify and streamline my goals this year.   While I LOVED the Bib a month challenge, I don’t want to put that type of pressure on myself to have to do an event.   This is not to say that I won’t be doing events, I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

So what do I want to do?

Speed has always been my problem.   I’d like to say it’s my little legs as I’m only 5 foot 2, but that really is a cop out.   I think I need to go out of my comfort zone and push myself this year.  I mean really push myself as there have been times after an event I wanted to kick myself because I felt like I could have done more.   So this year, I hope to do that.    I hope to push myself to the point where it’s uncomfortable.


  1. My first big event of the year will be the New York City Half Marathon.   I’m going to throw the gauntlet down and say that I would like to do this race as a sub 2:00 event.   I don’t care if it is 1:59:59, I really want this.   I hear amazing things about this course.   I know NY crowds are awesome.   So this is the place I want to do it at.
  1. Then I plan to build my endurance up and slow down to train for the Dirty German 50K which I already signed up to do in May.   I have no time goal for this, other than I want to finish it.   I want to have fun with it and I don’t want to die doing it.   Seems like a good goal to me:)
  2. Last year I didn’t run a lot of 5K’s.    This year since I’m not chasing the 9 plus 1, I would like to do more.   Since I’m already chasing a sub 2 half, I would like to see if I could chase that 25 minute 5K.   We will see.   We will see.
  3. Then lastly, I want to run the NYCM STRONG.   I want to finish this race knowing that I gave it all I got and couldn’t do anymore.    Ideally, I would like to do this in 4:30 WITHOUT walking.   I don’t know why the walking bothers me, but it does since it is not part of my plan.
  4. Lastly, I want to stay healthy.   I want to reach these goals without injury or pain outside of the normal pain that comes with running these distances.
  5. Oh and while doing all of this, run 1000 miles again for the year:)

I think that is enough for this year.

I think that is more than enough for this year!

What are your 2016 goals?


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