I’ve come a Long Way Baby

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As I am preparing my goals for 2015, I have been looking back at all I’ve done in 2014.   Wow.   It is hard to believe that I have only started on this journey because a friend wanted me to do one race in September of 2013.    It was going to be a one shot deal,   We were doing the Iron Girl Sprint to prove that we could (or at least that was my reason).   To prove that just because I was getting older that didn’t mean it was over.

One and done.

Who knew where that would take me?

I sure didn’t.

Then somehow I kept going and by the end of 2014, I have an impressive tally is if I do say so myself (and I do)

St Barts 5K    3/22  27:17.6    Age 8/72     Average Pace 8:46

Superhero Half    5/18/14     2:09:24     897/1633  Average Pace 9:52

NJ State Sprint Tri      7/18/14   01:43:50     swim  15:36      bike 50:44       Run  31:17    Place 1099

5K Run & Pizza      7/23/14  (5 days after Tri)     30:44       422/1105       Average Pace  9:53

Iron Girl Sandy Hook Sprint    7/7/14       01:53:13   swim  20:03  bike 1:01:34    Run    27.54   356/833

Grete’s Great Gallop       10/5/14    02:20:04   Average Pace      10:42

Hat Trick

5K     10/18/14      29:39         793/1595     Average Pace  9:31

10K    10/18/14    57:19          605/1635     Average Pace  9:13

Half   10/19/14     2:06:08       1206/2311    Average Pace  9:53

 Philadelphia Marathon            11/23/14      4:46:20   7600/10335  Average Pace 10:55

Now I didn’t post this to brag.

ok, maybe a little.

That being said, I still can’t believe that this Mama who never did anything is suddenly doing it all.   But I do need to sometimes step back and  look at how far I’ve come to appreciate it.   I’ve said before how I am a goal orientated person and I am.  I just never want to forget to  just enjoy the ride too.

I think that this is how many people go through life.   I admit that I tend to do this sometimes too, but I am trying to get better.   It’s kind of like Christmas.   Many people are so focused on “getting ready” for Christmas that they miss the beauty of the preparation for it.   Yes, Christmas brings many “tasks” from decorating the tree, shopping, to sending out Christmas Cards.   These tasks should be enjoyed and appreciated because there are many people who would LOVE to have to deal with the self imposed stress of the Season, but for various reasons can’t.     If you are always focused on the end results, you miss the beauty of the journey.

The same can be said with Fitness Goals, Races, and self imposed challenges.   As hard as they get, there are people who would love to be able to do what I do on my worst day (which really isn’t that spectacular even on my best day).   I know that I am nor will I ever be an elite athlete and I’m ok with that.   I appreciate that I have the ability to get out there and swim, bike, or run if I want.   I have a brother-in-law who is in a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy.    He is the happiest guy I know.   He goes through life doing what he can and never complains nor does he show any indication that he wants to complain.   Yet many of us who have no reason to complain often do.   I am reminded often how blessed that I am.   How even on my worst day, I’ve got it good.

So as I go about setting both my fitness and personal goals for next year, I want to remind myself to never forget that the journey is just as important as where I will end up.

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