Friday Five – Five Favorite Winter Activities

It’s time for another Friday Five!

Thanks to Mar on the Run,  You Signed Up for What?,  and Eat, Pray, Run DC for hosting.   This weeks topic is 5 Reasons to Love Winter.

I love winter.   I really do. It’s not so much that  I love winter activities,  because I am not a skier.  Although I do take the kids occasionally ice skating, it is a rare enough activities to call it a treat.    So this is a great post idea because it will make me think of why do I really love winter.

1.  Snow Days!

I love a good snow day.  I mean a day where there is so much snow that all activities are cancelled and  the whole  family has to stay home.   As the boys get older with all their activities this is a nice change of pace.   We usually have a fire going.   I might even whip up some cookies and more than likely we will watch a movie.

 Love it!



2.   Hot Chocolate

Now I admit that I do love a good cup of Hot chocolate and I mean GOOD.    There is nothing better to me than having a cup of Hot Chocolate while snuggled up under a blanket.   I will also admit to making my own marshmallows to take this treat up to the next level and my waistline up to the next size:(  Boo.


3.   A fire.

No need to explain:)


4.  Bikram Yoga.

As much as I enjoy yoga, there really isn’t enough time to do it all.  As I’ve said before, you can’t do it all as much as you might want to.   But I hope this winter to get back to it as I really did enjoy it even if I found that I am not that flexible or have that much balance.   I guess that will come with more practice.    There is something to be said though for Bikram Yoga on a cold winter morning to warm you right up.

5.   Cooking hearty family meals.

Yes, I’m a baker by trade (not really, but I do try), but I do love to make hearty meals that just don’t taste right on warmer days.   Things like lazagna, beef stews, chili, homemade bread and what ever else I come across in my Food Network magazine.    Case in point this week, I made a big pot of beef stew.   I added some Sam Adams Logger to it and it gave it such a warm wintery flavor that could not be resisted.



Now it’s time to jump over to see what everyone else loves about Winter.

Why do you Love winter?


Do you hate it?


3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Five Favorite Winter Activities

  1. Growing up in the mid-Atlantic, I hated winter. The wet, icy winters were just too much for me but after two years in Southern California, I actually began to miss it! There is no shame adding marshmallows to hot cocoa, especially if you’re making your own! It wouldn’t be the same without them.

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