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It Could Happen?

As a mother of teens, I always try to impart to them that things just don’t always happen to other people.  I’m not doing this to instill fear in them, but I want them to think.   I want them to be safe.  To be smart.    To think about things before they jump into them even if all their friends are jumping.  Teens have a tendency to think that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

Runner’s tend to be like teens in this respect.

Then I saw an article about a young mother who was killed by a car while jogging.   Sadly it is not the first time I’ve seen such articles.   Sadly it will not be the last time I see such articles either.   Sometimes the runner is doing everything right.   Sometimes the runner is not.   Either way it is a devastating loss.   Either way someone has lost someone they love.   Either way there is a driver who must now live with the fact that another life was taken even if he was doing everything right.   And still every time, I think not again.

I know that there are those who spend their working lives trying to make the roadways safer for us all and I thank them.   I also know that there are those who do not think anyone besides a motorized vehicle should be out on the roadways.   They, of course, are wrong.    The problem is that we as runners have to share the roads with both the considerate and inconsiderate.   I also know that even though I think that I maybe doing everything right that I am only human and will make a mistake on occasion.   I need to stop thinking like my teens and realize that, yes, it could happen to me too.    There are no guarantees.

I say these things not because I am trying to instill fear.   I say these things not because I am going to stop running outside and go back to running on the dreaded treadmill.  I say these things because just like my children, I need to be safe, smart, and think about things.   We need to be as safe when running as we would want those we love.   We need to remember that it just doesn’t happen to someone else.

Now I know that we all see those out on the road running whom we know are doing everything wrong.    These are the people that I really have to stop myself from rolling down my window to tell them that they should wear reflective gear at night, that they should run towards and not with traffic, that when safe they should run on sidewalks, and that they should not have earbuds in while running.   The only thing that stops me is that I’m sure it will not be well received.   So I have to do my part by being a good example and sharing my knowledge with those in my circle who may need some guidance.

I needed to get my run in today.   I needed it not just for my legs, but also for my head.   I have as most on the East Coast been stuck inside the last several days due to the blizzard Jonas.   I also really, really, really did not want to take my run inside.   I wanted to be out in the snow.   I also do not find inside running as relaxing as running outside in the elements no matter what they may be.   That being said, I knew that due to the conditions of the streets that I needed to be all the things I try to teach my teens.   I needed to be smart.   I needed to think and I most importantly I needed to be safe.

Before my run, I texted some friends to see what the condition of their streets and sidewalks were.    I adjusted my route according to their responses.   I also knew that no matter how much I HATE to run on sidewalks that they would be my best option today.


Still safer than running in a street made smaller by the snow.  I stayed off main roads where I might normally run because they were not clear enough.  I also took pace off the table.    I further adjusted my route when faced with impassible conditions.

Case in point…


I got my 5 miles in.   They were not fast.   They may not even have been pretty, but they were as safe as I could make them.

How do you deal with the winter running?





I See You. Do You See Me?

Shockingly I went for a run today.  I have to say I was a little cranky on the run.   I didn’t start off that way, but by the time I hit a half a mile, I became very cranky and if I had written this post while on my run there would be a few curse words involved.   Why you ask when running usually calms me?

I was running along my normal route.   Hugging the curb of the road as I always do.   Ask anyone who see’s me running.   I am not running in traffic.   I am always very safe and cautious as I like to say that my goal is to come home safe after every run.  .   Running towards traffic with no headphones on.   Doing all the things that I am supposed to be doing when a car seemed to be heading towards me.   I even jumped up on the sidewalk because I wasn’t sure where he was going.   I’ll be honest it wasn’t a “close call” ONLY in my mind and only because I was paying attention.   I jumped up on the curb at the same time the guy swerved.   It scared me though.  Not sure why he didn’t see me, but I would venture to say that he was distracted.

Then I noticed something else tonight.   There seemed to be lots of distracted drivers.   Not sure if it was the time of day I went out since it was 5:00 pm.   Maybe at this time of day, people aren’t paying as much attention because they are in a rush to get home.   But I did notice on more than one occasion, drivers hugging the white line or even over the white line where I am running again hugging the curb.   What’s up with that?    It actually got to the point that I became pissed.   One driver, I actually pointed to the line and yelled there is a line for a reason.   It was ridiculous.

Now there are those usually non runners who will ask,

“Why not just run on the sidewalk?”

I’ll be very frank here and say because the sidewalks suck!


No lie!

The only time I ever fell running was when i was on a sidewalk.

Here are a few exhibits from today’s run.

Sidewalk2 Sidewalk4  sidewalk5 sidewalk6sidewalk3

Yup, this is a reason that I don’t run on sidewalks usually.   You can see why I would choose to run on the road instead, can’t you?  I find it safer.

That being said why is it so hard when I am hugging the side of the road for drivers to stay on their side of the line.    They need to stay where they belong and I will stay where I belong.  I’m really not out there to annoy you and I know that in a game of chicken you are the only one walking away.    I do everything in my power to stay safe.   Can you do me a favor and maybe do the same?


I’m someone’s


So when you see me with my head held high and my feet moving across the ground,



Take Caution

My presence may annoy you


I am Someone’s
I am there for Me,
but my family wants me home when I’m done.
This concludes your PSA for the day?

Check Your Ego at the Door

I have gone for runs in the rain.

Light rain, but the rain.

I have gone for runs early in the morning.

I have gone for runs at dusk.

What until today I have never really done is gone for a run at dark.   I mean dark.   Unless you count one summer night where my sister and I ran my neighborhood block for a short mile.   I don’t count that one because it was really just around the block.   Today was different.   I didn’t get out for my run until after 6:00.  It was dark, but I really, really, really needed this run.   The Christmas cookies all said so.  You do what you have to do to get it done.

Now I will readily admit that before running if I saw someone out at night, I would think to myself, “What is wrong with that person?”   I realized once I started running that there was nothing wrong with that person.   That they just needed to get their run in and obviously this was when they needed to get it in.   That being said, I have seen some boneheaded runners at night and I knew early on that I would not be one of them.   So even though I never ran at night, I was prepared for I knew that the night would arrive when I would have to go out in the dark if I wanted to get a run in.

The most important thing to do when running in the dark is to check your ego at the door.   This is not the time to worry about how cute you look if you are one to worry about those things. This is the time to make sure that not only can you see where you are going as we all know how wonderful the sidewalks and roads can be, but you also have to make sure that others can see you.

Night Run

1.   Headlamp – yes, you look like you are getting ready to go on a mining expedition, but that’s ok as long as you can see and oncoming cars can see your little light bouncing while you run.

2.   Reflective Vest – I will say that I bought a bright neon Pink one with pink reflective strips on it.   You know pink is my color!

3.   Since it wasn’t that cold, I wore a short sleeve shirt with arm sleeves that happen to have reflective strips on them too.

4.   I didn’t need my running belt tonight but I wore it again because it had a reflective stripes on it.

5.   My running tights which I love also reflective lines on them.

6.   Just for good measure, I put on my ankles those yellow reflective bands that most normal people wear on their arms,but I kind of liked them on my ankles and we all know I’m not normal.


Now, I hope you noticed a pattern here with my outfit.




We all know how people drive during the day when your highly visible.   Why not make yourself  as visible as you can  at night too because their driving really doesn’t get better at night?

Now another way to check the ego at the door that must be done (at least for me) is to SLOW DOWN.   Yes I knew the road I was taking, but that doesn’t mean I know every bump in it.   I also adjusted my routine to run on roads with both wider sidewalks and more visibility.   I also knew that I needed to run safely and take it easy out there.   Even though I run these roads all the time, it is different at night.   Just know that your night runs are not the time to do a speed workout unless you are at the track.

Lastly, I will say that only other runners understand the need to go out at night.   When I shared the picture of me from my run, all of my running friends gave positive comments.   Then there was the one non running person whose comment was “Goofy.”

Well I wasn’t trying to be Goofy.   I was just trying to get a run in and make it home safe.   Just remember that that is the most important thing when you are out on a run.   Getting home safe.

As they said in one of my favorite shows growing up

Let’s all be Careful out there!

Do you run at night?