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Time to Get Going

You know what they say


Well I already know from life experience that  I’m pretty tough.   So it is time to get going.  That being said, I will be honest.   I almost didn’t get out the door today.   I’m out of habit.   I’m out of shape and my couch was just too comfy.   Luckily, I had made plans to run with a friend and she texted about going out for our run.  Hard to say I just want to sit on the couch when your friend is texting and your 10 year old is saying “Run Forest Run.”

Out the door I went.

It wasn’t really that pretty.   I have definitely lost stamina while more than likely increasing mass, but I’m not getting on a scale to verify.   No more negative splits.

You know what?

I’m actually ok with that.

You know why?

I’m running again.

It is going to take time to build a base again.   I’m also right where I want to be.   I’ve got 4 months to build back up for the NJ Marathon.   Perfect timing and incentive to get going.

I’ve got this.


Don’t do the Crime if you can’t do the Time

So the word is out.

Probably because I’m putting it out there.

I signed up to run a marathon.

I am not crazy (ok a little), but I signed up thinking that I’m ready to do this.  As I said before, I may not have been in marathon training, but the Runner’s World Hat Trick Training was very intense.   My marathon training friend (yes, you Dawn), has said to me that this plan was very similar to Marathon training.   Obviously, not the same but it was intense.   When we ran the 20 miles, it was hard but I did it.   As much as I wanted to stop, I didn’t till we hit the 20 mark.   So I signed up thinking in my mind that I can do this.   I’m ready.   I won’t be in the front of the pack.   I won’t be in the middle, but I do plan on finishing.

Now when you tell people that you are running a marathon, you get one of two reactions.

There is no middle of the road.

  1. That’s Awesome.   Good for you!
  2. Your crazy!

Now, I’ve said it before, I know I’m crazy and if you knew my family you would know that I’m the most sane one.   That being said, I am not crazy enough to sign up for this thinking that I can’t do it.   I do not have a death wish nor do I wish to injure myself.   Starting at the end of July with the training and running the Hat Trick, I have logged 43.21 hours and 250.3 miles in running.   I’ve put in my time.   I’m still training.   Although I’m tapering but I’ve still got some solid runs in this week.    I am not taking this lightly.

So when you call me crazy or think that I am not ready for this, I will tell you flat out that you are wrong.  It may even push me to run when I do hit the wall.   As those of you who know me personally know, I can be one determined SOB and right now I’m determined to cross that finish line.

And as a final thought, please remember what your mother would say to you as you were growing up and probably what you teach your own children,

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”