All or Nothing

Why do we think it has to be all or nothing?

Why do we think that we have to go all in?

Why is balance so hard?

I admit that I have a problem with balance. It might be one of the things that works in my favor when it comes to getting shit done. It also might be one of the things that works against me when it comes to getting shit done. The all or nothing approach comes at a cost.

We can’t start eating healthy because it’s just to hard to give everything up.

We can’t start working out because we don’t have time to commit

We can’t because of this or that or this or that……

But what if instead of thinking we have to commit 110% percent…… What if we just realized that just doing something is better than doing nothing.

What if instead of going gang busters on a new diet plan that we know long term we won’t stick to, we decide that we look at where and how we can make even what might appear to be small changes?

What if instead of waking up at 5:00 AM (you know I’m never doing that) to squeeze in our workout/run in, we just look at what we can do and give that time..

What if instead of thinking that we need to run as fast as we can for what we deem is necessary distance, we just decide to give what we are able to give.

What if instead of sitting on the couch binging Yellowstone (highly recommend), we do it from the treadmill or stationary bike?

There are ways to make what might appear to be small changes….. some might even say insignificant changes……. in a way that are not only sustainable but together can bring big change.

Here is the bottom line…… If you continue to do the same thing, nothing changes. If you start with small changes over time, they will lead to big changes.

So start where you are!

Do what you can!

Most of all be kind to yourself in the process, because you are worth it:)

3 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. I agree with this post 100%. When I make large goals for myself, they seem to fizzle out quickly. But I have much more success by setting smaller goals. And it seems once you reach a smaller goal and add a little bit more to the next goal, you attain it much easier.

  2. I agree with you. I have a hard time with balance too. As for eating healthy, I sometimes have a hard time because I don’t want to throw out “good” food, so “wait” until all the unhealthy stuff has been eaten. But, by then, I probably have brought more unhealthy foods into the house. LOL

    Exercise, though, is where I have a hard time with all or nothing. If I don’t have time for the planned workout instead of doing what I can, I do nothing. I am working on this and am getting better. It’s easier now that I’m not really following a plan and am mostly walking a mile because of back issues. I do have, or can take, the time for that every day. If I get back to running and training, it may become a struggle again.

  3. Absolutely, yes! I’ve had quite a few days of opting for the recovery 3km run, rather than pushing a heavier work out. I feel good in the end, that’s what counts. =)

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