Friday Five – 5 Fitness trends I’ll NEVER do!

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5 Fitness Trends I”ll Never Try

Now, I will admit that I’m pretty open to most forms of excercise (who said that!?).   I’ve done many of the mainstream – Yoga, Body Pump, Spinning, Bootcamp, personal trainiers, weight lifting, Bikram Yoga, kickboxing, swimming and such.    My problem really has been that I like them all, but don’t have time to do them all or they don’t play well with my running goals (cossfit)

So, I really am open minded when it comes to what I will do.   That being said, there are really just some “fitness” trends that do not hold any appeal or interest to me.  Such as…..

1.  Pole Dancing Exercise classes – Um, no thank you.   Whose idea was this?    A man’s idea I bet.   Hmmmm, how can I get my wife to want a pole in our bedroom.   Oh, I know, I will tell her it’s a new exercise trend.    No thank you.   If I wanted to be a pole dancer, I would have chosen a different path.   Now, don’t get me wrong I do believe they have to have abs of steal and stellar control to do it right.   That being said, I will keep my smushy abs.

2.  The Cleanse –   Sorry to those of you who swear by it.   No thank you.  First, I don’t really think that they are a great thing for your body.   Really our bodies were designed for actual food not liquid goop.   Plus what happens when you start to eat food again?   Your body is going to be like hold onto this because we don’t know where our next meal is coming from.  To me this is not a sensible way to kick start your diet because I don’t believe that there is any real scientific evidence that this actually “cleanses” your body just your wallet.  Plus I’m old enough where I’ve had a medical cleanse called a colonoscopy and I didn’t loose any weight that way either:)

3.  Zumba – Now, I do remember back in the day what a workout dancing can be.   I’m not disputing that.   I, honestly, just think that I would embarrass myself in a Zumba class as I don’t think I’ve got enough rhythm to pull it off.  That’s the truth to this one:)

4.  Colon Hydration Therapy – I came across this bad boy on Groupons once and have never been the same since.   As I said above, I’ve already gone through a medical supervised colonoscopy.   Why the Hell would I pay to have this done if not medically necessary?   What is wrong with people?   Just go for a run.   Don’t do this.   Really.

5.  Shake Weights – Enough said:)

What are the 5 Fitness Trends you would never be caught doing?

20 thoughts on “Friday Five – 5 Fitness trends I’ll NEVER do!

  1. I hated on the pole dancing classes too, until I tried them. Talk about a workout! I took a great class taught by a woman who is active in Girl Scouts! It doesn’t have to be sexual. It’s just a really great workout!

  2. I tried Zumba once and it was completely awkward to be gyrating next to someone who was my mom’s age…just weird. Plus – when you can see yourself in the mirror doing it…it’s a total turn off.

  3. Of course a man thought up pole dancing…look at the heels you are required to wear! Oh, and my colon needs no hydration thank you very much. That’s ridiculous!

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