Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone!

So I had a funny conversation with my son yesterday before we left to go swimming at my Mother-In-Laws.   I had my new bathing suit on and this is the conversation that I had with my 8 year old son.

Him, “Is that a new bathing suit?”   (This boy misses nothing and I will warn his future wife)

Me, “Yes.”

Him, “What are those lines on your stomach?”

Me, “They are from you and your brothers when  you were in my tummy as babies.”

Him, “Ok. Can we go to Mimi’s now?”

When we get there the boys immediately go in the pool.   Me, I like to sit and get nice and hot before I go in.   So, I’m sitting there with my cover up on and finally get to the point (very quickly as it’s really hot) where I’m ready for a swim.   I take my cover up off.

Guess what happens?


The earth did not open up and swallow me.

The birds did not stop chirping.

Not one of the people at the pool looked twice or thought twice about my suit.

I might just wear it again:)

Then another funny thing happened.

Even though I posted it here on my blog for the few of you who actually read my posts (although the FB share button does show that this post was shared a few times!  Who did that?).  I also shared in the closed FB group that started this all.  Then my friend Dawn encouraged me to share it on our local MRTT page.  We are always sharing our sweaty selfies after our runs.   It was a leap to share it there because I knew more people would see it there than here, but I did anyway.   The response was overwhelming and amazing.

There were many positive comments and a few who commented that they couldn’t wear a two piece and that I was braver than them as in my post I did say truthfully I was trying to be brave.   I will tell you something?   Each and everyone of those Mama’s could so rock a two piece and I’m not sure why we all think we can’t.

My favorite comment though was

I like your power pose! You’re rocking that body, that suit and LIFE!

Now, I did not post the picture for likes or compliments.   Honestly.   I did it as a way of empowering myself.   To step out of my comfort zone.

You know what?

It was worth it!

Yes, I know that there are “mean girls” out there who may say things about me wearing a two piece bathing suit, but I don’t think I care anymore.

In talking to another friend who said my post was inspiring, she commented on how she thinks about what her own self consciousnesses will do to her daughters.   Children do learn not just from what we say, but what we do.   They see so much more than what we give them credit for.

So I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to see what happens.

It might just surprise you!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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