Word of the Week – Salutations


Greetings and Salutations.

We’ve all been there.   Your out for your morning/afternoon/evening run and you see a runner coming at you on the horizon.   You’re a friendly person and bring your hand up to wave.   Then bam nothing.   No wave.  No smile.   Nothing.   Why?   What’s the problem?   Too much effort to be polite?

Then instead of it being a normal polite thing to do, you start to think when you see a fellow runner –

Do I wave?

Do I smile?

Do I do the head nod?

Do I just pretend I don’t see them?

Well I admit it.   I always acknowledge them.   More times that should happen in a civilized society, these people who I am sure are pleasant in every other aspect of their life don’t conform to social standards while on the road.


Actually, I would never do that!   Besides this is not a “talent’ that I have mastered yet.   Although, come this winter I just might.   But back to the topic at hand.


noun \ˌsal-yə-ˈtā-shən\

 the act of greeting someone

Full Definition of SALUTATION

1 a :  an expression of greeting, goodwill, or courtesy by word, gesture, or ceremony
b plural :  regards
2:  the word or phrase of greeting (as Gentlemen or Dear Sir or Madam) that conventionally comes immediately before the body of a letter

So why do some people make this so difficult?

Rule # 1 – If someone says Hi or acknowledges you, acknowldeg them too

Rule # 2 – If you run right past a person, a head nod is acceptable too

Rule #3 – Don’t be an @ss

It’s really that simple!

I will tell you that on one of my long training runs where I was at about mile 10, I was running towards a gentleman pondering if I would do the wave.   He one upped me.   He put his hand out for a High Five as we passed each other and made some remark about keep up the good work.   I said something like same to you.   I don’t remember the exact words, but I will say that his actions reminded me of being at a race and people pumping you up.  Just the simple act of the High Five helped put the spring in my step for a bit.   It was like acknowledging that we were both in it together to get it done which is true.   We are all out there running for our various reasons.   We are all out there for ourselves, but we are not out there alone.

Now I am not saying that you need to high five every runner that you see.   Although it might be cool if you did.   I’m just that we are all out there together getting it done and it would be nice if we didn’t pretend we don’t see each other out there.

Do you say Hi to other runners?

Do you like it when others say Hi to you?

2 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Salutations

  1. I always try to make eye contact and do a little nod.
    When I’m out at a time almost no one is out I even say “good morning”, because at that time I even feel more connected to my fellow runners.

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