Excuses, Excused, Excuses……..


I’ve been bad.    I’ve let things slide.   I’ve put things off.   I made excuses.   They really weren’t valid excuses but good enough that I used them.   What have I been doing that so bad?   I’ve haven’t been taking care of myself.   I figured, I’m running.   I’m healthy.  I don’t need to go for my checkups.  So when the notices came that I was due for my annual checkup, my mammogram,  and my dentist appointment.   I put them to the side telling myself, “After the Hat Trick, I will go.”   Then the Hat Trick rolled into Marathon training and I conveniently “forgot.”

Now as a mom, I make sure that my kids go to all their checkups,  I make sure they do all the things I haven’t been doing.   I guess I was following the adage, “Do as I say not as I do.”    In this case it really isn’t the right one.   I really am too old and too smart to not do these things.   So yesterday, I made myself sit down and at least make 2 appointments and hopefully today I sill make the last one.   I honestly didn’t know how long I had let things go until I went to make my mammogram appointment and the gentleman told me that I am going on 2 years.   Oops.   Obviously, I was bad BEFORE I started any of my real training, but during training it was a good excuse.

Now I have friends and family that have suffered with either the scare of breast cancer with tumors or I even have one friend who has one more chemo treatment to finish up after her double mastectomy.   She is one of the reasons that every time I run I use my Charity Miles app to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer.  So I get it.   It is important.   Now I’m not saying that I think I have any issues.   I’m just saying that I really should let a trained professional say that.   I think many times since I, obviously, am healthy enough to train and run a marathon (God, I love how that sounds); that means I don’t need to see any doctors.  I take after my Grammy that way!   A woman who is still kicking at 90 even though she smoked, drank nothing but coffee and never listened to the doctors.   Now I’m not as bad as her, but I really do need to do a better job taking care of business.

What do you let slide while your training?

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