Happy Trails

The beauty of Running is that there really are just so many ways to do it. Today was a trail run day. I needed ten and my cohort needed nine. We ended up with a happy medium of 9 1/2 miles on the trail.

Road running is so different than running on a treadmill. That being said trail running is so different than running on the road. Each has its own challenges and perks. Each pushes you in a different way.

These are the perks of running on the trail!




IMG_6043.JPGTips for Running on the Trail.

  1. Have a Map
  2. Plan on running much slower than you would on a road run
  3. Don’t scream when another trail runner whizzes by with dogs
  4. Run with a friend you not only like but who also is a compatible runner
  5. Stay on your trail
  6. Don’t fall and if you do, don’t get hurt.
  7. Enjoy the beauty of it.
  8. Bring change of shoes for the end
  9. Go for Dunkin Donuts when done.

Happy Trails

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