Clear Skies


Today was a day I should have done something.


Got up and dressed for a workout as normal. Was planning on a run, but it was raining. Now, I will run in the rain but this was a cold downpour fall type of rain. Then I thought I’d wait for the skies to clear and would go later in the day.

The clouds parted. The skies clear and guess what happened?
By the time the weather was ready for my run, I was knee deep in the daily minutiae of things that need to be done between training.
Guess what else happened?
The more hours that passed, the grumpier I got.

Add to that a heavy dose of hormones and you’ve got a perfect storm.

The problem with exercise is that once your body gets used to the stress release it brings, it does not function as well without out it.  Me without a place to workout daily frustrations is not a happy Mama!  Now don’t think that I am an over-stressed Mama.  I’m your average over extended, three kids and a boat load of responsibilities Mama like everyone else, but I had a lot going on today that would have gone better with a run.  But tomorrow, I will attack the hills with friends right after drop off of the kids. This will adjust my mindset, push me and hopefully make up for those Oreos I shoved in my face in frustration today.

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