Time to Get Running

Last week was a bad week.   Not too bad a week for working out, but a bad week for blogging.   I’m going to try better this week all the way around.   

This morning I started off things on the right foot.   One of my girlfriends and I had arranged to meet at the gym instead of driving together as she then had errands to run.     Then after a weekend of binging on cake and crab shack in celebration of my oldest son’s 13th birthday, I thought that I really should take it up a notch today.    So I texted my friend and asked her to pick me up anyway.   

We went and worked out mostly arms and abs today for about and hour.   No cardio.   When we were done, she went her way and I went mine.   My way was to actually jog/walk home.     I used the App Map My Run for the first time.   I liked it,  because every mile (and there are three between my house and the gym) she would tell me how fast I went.   I will say that my first two miles were faster, but overall I was pleased.   I ended up for the three miles averaging a ten minute 27 second mile.   Does this compare to real athletes?   Not even close.    Is this good for me?   Yes.   I’m happy with it.     Please don’t tell me that you can do a six minute mile, because I will never be a good runner.   Remember I hate running:)

Please remember when you read of my slow routines, that I really have only been working out for a few months.   I’ve only been in “training’ for about a month.     This is all new to me.

Live, Laugh, Love



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