No Words

Yesterday, I had no words.   I, like most, was shocked at what happened at the Boston Marathon.   I had no words.    It was another horrible act of hate that had me shocked, dazed and saddened.   I had no words.

I could not believe how triumph could turn to tragedy so quickly.    From all I have experienced with those in the marathon/training community, it is a community of caring people.   In my experience of training, there is a group of women mentors who are donating countless hours to impart on us newbies their time and talents.   On top of that every training event, those that are not mentors but those that have competed before share of themselves too.   There is solidarity in the knowledge that we are all in this together just to cross the finish line.   Some will cross faster than others, but the end goal is for all of us to cross.

I just can’t imagine the hatred it takes to try to destroy that.    The timing of the bombs was not to disrupt those competing to win, but those who were just competing to finish.    This day should have been a day of triumph for them.    A day for them to reach their goals what ever they might have been.    A day of festivities.    This moment was stolen from them.   Our sense of safety has once again been stolen from us as a country.    But as in the past, we will stand strong against this hatred.   We will find a way to overcome the hatred and show that although we maybe a divided country, when push comes to shove we will stand together against those who want to destroy us.

There will be many different ways we will show our solidarity.   I have seen the candlelight vigils on tv.    In my town,  the local Running Store is planning to host a running event.   They are asking people to wear shirts from previous events they competed in to run to show their support.   It may not mean much to those that are suffering, but it will show those that wish to hold us down with their hatred, that we can not be held down.   We, as a country, will get up again.

I will end this post with a picture of Martin Richard, the youngest victim.    His sweet face and message really do say it all…..


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