The Weather is Finally Cooperating!

The problem with starting your training when it’s still cold outside is that it’s cold outside.    Who wants to go running or biking in the cold.   Not me.   I much prefer to spend my cold winter months by the fire with some cocoa.   It is very hard to motivate yourself to go running in the cold.    But now Spring has finally sprung and it is very easy to get yourself motivated to go outside.     This really is the prefect time for training.   It’s not to cold.   It’s not too hot.   It’s just right:)

It really is amazing how perfect the Couch to 5K plan works for running too.    It is such a gradual occurance that unless you really go back to track your progess, you don’t even notice the change each week.    The first week, it seemed so easy with only running 60 seconds and walking for 90.   It almost didn’t seem like anything.   Now after a month we are up to jogging for 5 minutes.   Although, I will admit, when I am running by myself I usually go a few minutes longer.     Now five minutes may not seem like a long time to be jogging, but when you are just starting out it feels like an eternity.     That being said, we are just a few short weeks away from jogging for a full 30 minutes.   I’m thinking that I shouldn’t have looked ahead:)

As for now, though I will just worry about what I’m doing this week.     I’ve got time to worry about the rest later on or at least I think so……

Live, Laugh, Love

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