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Eat Like an Athlete?

I’m known in my circle of friends as the “Cake Lady.”   It’s not  because I eat a lot of cakes, although I probably do eat more cake than the average Joe.   It’s because I love to bake.   And I don’t mean just bake.   I mean bake and decorate. 


 (see I told you I was the Cake Lady)

And when you bake and decorate, you tend to sample along the way.  And when you make things dragon size, that could mean a lot of sampling.    But I have decided that unless I plan to go down like the Titanic,Image I’ve got to change my eating a habits some (or a little more than some).

Don’t’ tell anyone but I’m training for a Triatholon now.  

Shhhhhh, It’s a secret.  

Don’t ask me what I’m supposed to eat either.   I would imagine it means less cake and less processed foods.   More veggies and fruits.    And more protein.   I’m still working this out.  Remember, I’m not a trainer.   I’m in training:)   

Live, Laugh, Love!