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Race Recap and Proud Tutu Wearing Mama!

I ran a 5K yesterday.   When I signed up for it, I had aspirations of this being my 25 minute PR.   I knew going in that this would not be so and I am glad that I adjusted my expectations beforehand as it was a beautifully out and back hilly course.  I wish that I was not pushing it as there were some spectacular views of the Hudson that I would have liked to get a picture of, but I was running a race and couldn’t stop for pictures.  I will say that if I do meet the goal this year, it will not be on a course like this one.   That being said, I still did well with a 28:25 time.   I’m happy.  This will move me up a coral in my Road Runner races now.     Yeah me:)

Now since I knew going into this I was only going to end up using this run as a good push it run, I decided to make it fun and wear a Tutu!   Actually, I was not alone in my tutu either.   We had a clown car filled with six of us MRTT Mama’s and five of us opted for the tutu.    This got me thinking as to why sane rational woman would wear a tutu.   I can only speak for me, but this is what I came up with.


It is just fun!

Think about it….

As a woman….

As a mother…..

As a wife…..

As a Cub Scout Leader (yup, that’s me)…….

As a woman with lots and lots of responsibilities, jobs, and things on our plates…..

When do we just let to let it all hang out?

When do we just let to do something silly?

I am well past the time when I am not always juggling something.

I am well past the time for stupid silly either.

So for me wearing a tutu is my chance to just be silly and I’m not talking “play with your kid” silly either.  So if wearing a tutu allows me to remind myself that it is ok to just be silly for the sake of silly, why not?    I think this is a much healthier outlet that ending up on an episode of “Mom’s gone wild.”   This is wild enough for me.    This is my chance to “let my hair down” in a fun positive way.

Tutu’s Rock in that way!


I will also add that my group was asked a few times to have our picture taken by random people.   We even made the Road Runners Race Album.  One guy even wanted to be in the picture with us!   Not sure what he will tell his friends when he shows them the pictures, but he wasn’t laughing at us but with us.    Yes, there were some but not as many as you would think who may have been laughing at us, but you know what…..


This is my race, my tutu, and my friends.

We had a great time rockin our tutus and to me it really is all about the fun.

So as a Mom who is only a month away from 46, if I want to act like a kid and wear a tutu, silly hats, silly socks, ect  when I run so be it.


Friday Five Love Fest!

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love


(Admit it, you sang it or are singing it now)

Today we are celebrating Love with the Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

  Let’s talk about the 5 things that I LOVE about running in a Tutu!

1.  You can coordinate your whole outfit with your tutu and look stylish.


I met this stylish woman after the Runner’s World Half Marathon.   She looked so stylish that I had to take a picture of her.   Afterwards,  I saw her on Runner’s World Instagram post and we now follow each other.   Small World!!

2.   This brings me to how when wearing a Tutu, you will be asked to take pictures with perfect strangers!    This also happened to my and my tutu wearing friends at Greta’s Gallop Half last year.


We do not know the fun loving Boa wearing couple, but she is a breast cancer survivor visiting NY and wanted to take a picture with us.   How could we say no?

3.   When rocking a tutu,  you may hear more than once during a race…..

Go Pink Tutu!

Love the Tutu!

Almost there Tutu!

or any such phrase that will incorporate your tutu into it.

You may stand out a little more in the crowd too:)

4.  I also feel that wearing a tutu helps to bring my A game to a race.   Why?    Because if you are going to be brave/crazy enough to wear a tutu, you have to be willing to back it up.

5.   Last but not least…..

It’s fun!!!!!!

Life should be fun.   Running should be fun.   Unless you are a competitive runner, you should enjoy each and every race.   Life is too short not to have fun.   If wearing a tutu is something you have secretly wanted to do, do it.   Besides when else as an adult can you wear a tutu (crazy hat or costume) without people thinking you should be locked up?    If I start wearing it to school pick-up or around town, then I should talk to someone.   But to have fun with my BRF (Best running friends), I will always choose a tutu:)


Have you run in a Tutu?

Do you now want to run in a Tutu?

A Surprise Half Marathon

Part 1

(As I think I might have a lot to say:)

Last week I was taking about my upcoming run schedule.   I said that I had 13 to do on Sunday.   Some friends said that I should come to the city (NYC) and run with them in a half marathon they were doing.    I thought about it for like 2 seconds and thought it was a great idea.   Of course, just because I thought it was a great idea didn’t mean that it was going to happen.  I do have some people that I need to take care of.   So as always with the life of a Mama runner, I had to do some scheduling.   It was down to the wire, but it all worked out.    While I was waiting for the scheduling to fall into place, I wasted no time in getting ready for the race.

The race was the Memorial Sloan Kettering Grete’s Great Gallop to raise money for Cancer Research.   On the back of the Tech shirts given out:

Imagine A World Without Cancer


We all decided that this was not going to be a run for time.   This was just a training run for me and the other two ladies were not running for time anyway.    Now since it was going to be a fun run,  we thought we would take it up a notch and run in tutus!   Now, some love the idea.   Some hate it.   I am in a group that  think it is fabulous!!   Unless you are a competitive runner, my question is; “Why Not?”    Life is to short and complicated not to have fun when you can.   We decided that we would do pink.  Unless you live under a rock, you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is perfect.   Plus, I have a dear friend who is just starting her Chemo for her breast cancer.   I’ve actually been doing all my Charity Mile runs in her honer using Stand Up To Cancer. (If you don’t use that app, you should).   I even bought my friend her own tutu and you may see us around town in them.  One never knows.

 Did we look Fabulous?


Of course!

We finished in style too


Am I happy?

You bet!

What made it so wonderful  is when it was all over with and we were recovering from the run, A couple in boas came up to us.   They wanted to take a picture with us.   At first we thought it was just because they were being silly, but then the woman went onto say that she is from Canada and a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor.

As the saying goes,

That’s what it’s all about!

She summed it up:



Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow with more race thoughts and racing in the City for the first time!