Friday Five Love Fest!

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love


(Admit it, you sang it or are singing it now)

Today we are celebrating Love with the Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

  Let’s talk about the 5 things that I LOVE about running in a Tutu!

1.  You can coordinate your whole outfit with your tutu and look stylish.


I met this stylish woman after the Runner’s World Half Marathon.   She looked so stylish that I had to take a picture of her.   Afterwards,  I saw her on Runner’s World Instagram post and we now follow each other.   Small World!!

2.   This brings me to how when wearing a Tutu, you will be asked to take pictures with perfect strangers!    This also happened to my and my tutu wearing friends at Greta’s Gallop Half last year.


We do not know the fun loving Boa wearing couple, but she is a breast cancer survivor visiting NY and wanted to take a picture with us.   How could we say no?

3.   When rocking a tutu,  you may hear more than once during a race…..

Go Pink Tutu!

Love the Tutu!

Almost there Tutu!

or any such phrase that will incorporate your tutu into it.

You may stand out a little more in the crowd too:)

4.  I also feel that wearing a tutu helps to bring my A game to a race.   Why?    Because if you are going to be brave/crazy enough to wear a tutu, you have to be willing to back it up.

5.   Last but not least…..

It’s fun!!!!!!

Life should be fun.   Running should be fun.   Unless you are a competitive runner, you should enjoy each and every race.   Life is too short not to have fun.   If wearing a tutu is something you have secretly wanted to do, do it.   Besides when else as an adult can you wear a tutu (crazy hat or costume) without people thinking you should be locked up?    If I start wearing it to school pick-up or around town, then I should talk to someone.   But to have fun with my BRF (Best running friends), I will always choose a tutu:)


Have you run in a Tutu?

Do you now want to run in a Tutu?

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