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Getting My Grove On (sort of)

I’m feeling better today.   My panic attack of yesterday has passed and I’m getting it together.

At least for the moment.

Last night I went to do laps as I’ve done the last few weeks.   This time my girlfriend couldn’t go, so I was on my own.   I think that might have been a good thing because there was less chit chat.   Not that chit chat is a bad thing, but I do believe I did AL LOT more laps last night!   I lost track, but I did a lot.  

I also think that I might finally be getting the hang of this swimming thing.   Not that you could tell from looking at me, but I know I’m making progress.   With each stroke, I just kept counting.   One, two, three,  breathe.   Arms extending.   Trying to make it look as effortless as those who’ve been to the rodeo before.   Just kept saying to myself, “head down, arms extended forward, bend arms, swivel hips, turn head,  do not pull head out of the water.    Who knew there was such much thought that went into swimming.    Not me!   I’m looking forward to next week when the mentors will be on deck to give pointers as I think I’m getting it, but who knows.   I could be getting it all wrong:)

Then today, I did get in my run.    I packed the boys and their bikes up.   I met a girlfriend who brought her son, bike, and dog.   Then off we went.    They all rode around, while I did my couch to 5K plan.   I do notice that it is getting easier.   Now when I say easier, I don’t mean that I’m not huffing and puffing along because I am!   I just mean that (as it is supposed to happen), I can jog farther and faster than I could a month ago.   And that is how it is supposed to work.   Great program!

So for today, I feel like I might just be able to do this.

    Although, I still need to get on a bike!


Live, Laugh, Love

All this work for that??

I have been working out at the gym now for a little more than a month.   I have to say that I have been  very good about going.    I try to go at least 3 times a week to a bootcamp class.   Then on my off days, I am going to try to do some prep training.   

This week I went swimming for an hour.   Ok, I admit it, I did have some giggles with my girlfriend; so probably only for about 45 minutes.   And we were doing laps.   That’s got to burn some calories and fat.   All the while we were doing it though, we kept saying how are we going to swim a 1/2 mile?   Do you know a half mile in a lap pool is 18 times up and 18 times back.  Yup, 36 laps.   We may have swam that many laps, but we did stop to take breaks.   There are no sides to the bay for us to rest on in September, so we are going to keep swimming.  “just keep swimming.  just keep swimming.”   

But what got me this week is that with all this exercise and training, I have only lost 6 pounds!!   Now, I realize that I am building muscle.   I also realize that my waist is shrinking as I now fit into a pair of jeans comfortably that used to look like I needed grease to put them on.   So I do realize that I am reshaping my body out of it’s rounded shape.   But I am stuck on the number.   Are you kidding me!   6 pounds!!!   My girlfriends have all assured me that my body is adjusting to the new healthier eating and working out.   And when it is done adjusting the weight is just going to come right off.    I’m not patient, but I guess I’ve got no choose right now but to keep plugging away.

That is the other good thing about signing up for the Triathalon, I do have to keep plugging away.   I have told everyone I’m doing it.   I put it out on Facebook.   I did this not because I’m trying to brag, but because now that everyone knows I can’t quit.   Too many people know and there is no where to hide now:)


Live, Laugh, Love!