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Going Rogue

Once upon a brief, brief, brief time I was a size 6.    For the most part as adult, I have been a size 8.   Then I had children.    Between Middle and Little Guy, I did get back down to my 8.   It didn’t last because it seemed like once I had Little Guy all bets were off.   I’ve just never gotten back down.

I have my reasons

1.   No willpower

2.   I love chocolate

3.  No willpower

4.   I love to Bake

5.   I love to eat what I bake

6.   I have no willpower

7.   I hate to exercise. 


I think you see my dilema.   Now the thing is I really would love to go down in size again.   Now for those who came over from my old blog, I don’t mean to whine again.   I’m really not.    I think that I may actually do something about it this time. 

Dear Hubby has willpower.   Lots and lots of it.   He is also a man, so his metabolism didn’t stop when he hit his 40’s.    It happens.   I does.   Now I’m not using that as my excuse, I’m just being honest.    Anyway, I digress.    With Dear Hubby’s willpower and super fast metabolism, he has lost about 20 pounds.   I am super proud and happy for him.    To be honest, I may be a tad jealous, but I am still very pleased as Dear Hubby has high cholesterol and blood pressure.   So, this is very good for him:)

Anywho….. I’ve been thinking.    Don’t be shocked.   I might actually join a gym.   I think Curves might be my style.    I’m going to go check it out today.    I’ve tried (really, really, I have) running at home on the treadmill.    I’ve tried (really, really, really) to work out with things on the TV.   They just don’t seem to work for me.   I think that I need to actually go somewhere.    So, I’m going to go talk to them today.    Wish me luck!

I’m going to try a different diet approach too.   I am not going to do the South Beach like last time even though it worked for me before.   I’m going to try just to do things in moderation.   Have more salad.   Eat more fruits.   And just be more healthy with my eating choices.   If I do actually work out, this might help


Live, Laugh, Love