Just Keep Moving…..

Just like there are peaks and valleys in life.   There are peaks and valleys in training.   Sometimes, you even get stuck in the valley.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.   We all have lives outside of our activities.   Sometimes it gives us the drive to get moving and sometimes it sucks it away.   I’m not talking about time management.   I’m talking the mental game.  We all know how that can make or break you.

I’ve missed a few runs these last few days.   I went out the other morning for my 8 mile cut-down and finished just shy of 4.  It wasn’t even close to the run that I was supposed to do.   Life outside of my running got in the way and I needed to take care of it.  Some things are more important than finishing your run.   Then the next day it was hotter than hell and I figured I would do my long run at night.   Night came and went with no long run.   Figured I would do it the next morning.   I got up for my run at the same time my 9 year old woke up.   We watched Sandlot together.   I figured I would do my run at night.  When the time came though, I didn’t go.

I just had no motivation to get out the door.

Now, we all know the dread we sometimes face when it’s time for a long run.   This is not my problem.  My scheduled run is only 12 miles which is not really a distance that I dread.   Seriously.     My problem with getting out is different.   I just don’t have the drive to go.

I’m as shocked as you are.

I’ve always been goal orientated, but now I’m like so so about my fall races.   Doesn’t make sense since one of them in the NYC Marathon.   What the Hell??!!?!

It really all started last month when I had a bit of a medical scare which thankfully turned out to be nothing.   It was enough time though for my mind to play the what if game.  Remember the race where I said If I could Shut up the Little Man Up?

I was like what does it all matter?

  Then i got my head back on again, but I still didn’t have my drive back.   I really wasn’t fully engaged mentally, but at least I was doing what needed to be done.   Now I’ve got some other things sucking away my drive.   Physically, I’m fine.  Mentally, I may need a tune up.

Nothing has really happened.  Nothing has really changed.   Yet, something is different.   It has taken a bit of my mojo away.

I also think what might not be helping is that I am dealing with the Summer Time blues.    Yes, I know that we all think that it is the Winter Blues, but to me, at least this summer, it is the Summer Time Blues.

Summer leads to lots of fun, but it also means lots of solo running which most of the time I like.   This year I’m missing the time with  my morning running Mama’s.    Maybe I’m avoiding my runs these last few days because the idea of running alone with my own thoughts is lonely.    Who knows.   Maybe I need this solo time to come to terms with things.     I also need some laughs, small talk, and just the fun that comes with running with them brings.

I’m going to force myself to get out the door tonight.   I might even do my 12.   Who knows.   What I do know is that maybe I’m just in need of getting away from it all.   Maybe I’m just getting too close to vacation.   Maybe I just nee to stop over thinking and without a doubt maybe I just need a run.


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