Real Friends Don’t Let You Skip Your Run!

 Everybody needs somebody.  I’ve said before since coming off the Dirty German I’m in a bit of a slump.   I think it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning and opening the last present and then realizing there is nothing more.   Yes, I’ve got New York City in November but that’s a long time away.   I’m mentally not there.   Right now, I’m mentally just trying to get back into the rhythm of training.   It’s actually important to keep my arobic base now so that when I do start the training for NYCM I’m not starting from square one.

Here’s the problem.


I really don’t care.   I want to just sit and eat bon bons.    The problem with that is my metabolism won’t allow me to sit and eat bon bons.   Boo Hoo.   Besides it’s not that I don’t love running.   It’s not that I don’t need running.    It’s just the schedule.   I’ll be honest though without a schedule my 8 mile run might only be a 5 mile run.   That would mean my 5 miles would only be 3 and so forth and so forth.

Schedule are good.

Schedules are necessary.

I will say my coach does a really great job of scheduling too.

I think once the end of the school year is over, I will be better.   Just so much as I’ve said before.

Too much.

That being said,   at this point what really is keeping me going and honest in my training (although I haven’t been 100%) is my friends.    I think with everything in life friends make everything better!    This morning I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee knowing that I had 8 miles that needed to be done.   I was contemplating just staying there when my friend texted me she was getting ready to leave for her run and did I want to join her.   It gave me the incentive to get my behind off the couch.

I know that when I’m dedicated to my training, I will do what needs to be done.   I will put the miles in at the required paces.   I will also do many of these miles alone as I don’t mind.   That being said, there is something to be said when your just not feeling it to have your friends nudge you along,  to keep you honest, to remind you that this is something you really like doing, and most of all to keep you company.





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