Time Flies

I’m not sure if it’s the heat we’ve been having.    I’m not sure if it’s because it seems like forever since I’ve been consistently running, but I almost feel like I’ve gone back to square one.    Yes, I know that I just ran a 50K but really that was a month ago already.

Time flies.

When I was running consistently training was built into my schedule.   I’m also trying to rebuild it back in as surprisingly the time not training was still not free time.  If you think about it, I had my ankle injury.   Then I did a few runs.   Then I started tapering for my 50K.   After that I was recovering without a lot of runs.   So although I know I have the stamina to go the distance everything else seems new to me.

   I almost feel like I’ve lost it.   I went for a slow paced seven miles the other day with a friend and it seemed longer than the 18 miler we did together in training.  (Actually 20 for her).    All through the run, I was thinking “When will this end.”    It made me question how I actually managed to complete a 50K.    These 7 miles were long.   They were grueling and they were slow.

What the Hell!

I’m also in end of school year craziness where it seems like every other day there is a school function.    Add to that the craziness of trying to schedule all other appointments before my little cherubs are home all day with me and it is a perfect storm.    As with everyone else, there is so much to do and so little time.    I am in awe of those who can make it look easy.    I’m sure they don’t have it any more together than me, but they make it look like they do.

So today, I’ve got 6 on the schedule.   It’s actually a perfect day for running as it is a little cooler this morning.   If only I could run.    School function.   Followed by some Cub Scout stuff and phone calls that must be made today.    I know I will get it in.   I’m just not sure when…..

How do you keep up with it all?






2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Ah yes. The dreaded end of another school year. Where did the time go??
    It’s funny how we lose our mojo merely weeks after running the longest distances. I felt the same way about one of my last runs – and I just ran a marathon less than 30 days ago. Funny.

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