Your Running What?


Word of the Week

Fartleks –

Because it’s fun to say, but maybe that is only because I’m a mother of three boys.    Now I realize it’s something fun to say, but it is also something fun to run.    Although truth be told, sometimes I get so caught up am I hitting my pace I loose some of the fun.   Not today.   Not with fartleks.

So what exactly is a fartlek you ask because I know that I did!


Track & Field
noun: fartlek
  1. a system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning.
It sounds like some made up word to make non runners feel stupid.   Then I realized that the reason it was such a silly word is because it is from Sweden and it means “speed play” in Swedish.    It was developed in 1937 for a Swedish cross country team that was in need of both speed and endurance training.   So their coach, Gosta Holmer came up with the good ole fartlek.  I’m guessing it worked for them as all these years later we are still doing them.
Now I feel bad for thinking that it was a made up word.   Then again, what do I know?   Not much, but I do like to learn:)
So I’ve done them a few times.   Well actually twice now, but I think I enjoyed today more than the first time I did them.   The first time, I was more concerned if I was doing them right or not.   Then I found out that I was way overthinking it.    I sometimes do that.   Today, I followed the advice of my coach.   She told me to “throw some faster bits in for fun” up, down, fast, medium and just have fun with it.   So I tried to do just that.
You know what, I think I did have some fun with it.
Was it challenging?
You bet!
Did I have fun with it?
my last one was the best!
For 10 seconds I could fly hitting 6:08.
Now I could NEVER maintain that speed,
but that is the beauty of the fartlek.
I’m not supposed to.
I’m supposed to just enjoy my little legs moving as fast as they could.
On top of that, I didn’t feel like I was going to die!
Although I was happy to resume my normal pace to finish the run.
Running a fartlek is kind of like running like Pheobe from friends.
Running like a kid, just to run.
Do you Fartlek?


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