Over the summer while gearing up for major training, I joined an online challenge to run a 100 miles in one month.   I figured if my coach could run 100 miles in a day, a whole month wouldn’t be so bad.   Besides, I was getting close to it and I though it would be  good incentive.    In the heart of my training, I actually had a few months were I was over 100 miles.

Now normally I do not like virtual events like this, but to me this one was different.   It wasn’t like running a virtual race.   It was just about putting in the miles which I did.    I maybe not always happily put them in but put them in I did.

I had forgotten that with this virtual challenge, I would also get a “belt buckle” even though they put it on a ribbon.   It came this week with a t-shirt.    I like it.   I like it a lot.

100 Miles

Now honestly it is not the most beautiful medal hanging up, but I appreciate it.   One of the reasons really is because there will come a time (not anytime in the near future) that I won’t be able to run 100 miles in a month and when that day comes I will have this to remind me of the things I have been able to accomplish.

Who knows maybe one day I will have one of these for a single event.   Just kidding, Dawn:)   Although, you just never know!


Have you ever done any virtual events?

If so, why or why not?

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