What to Do? What to Do?

I’ve been hitting the trails the last few weeks.   Well I’ve got there at least once a week for 3 weeks.   You know what?   I forgot how much I loved running on the trails.   I forgot how different running on the trails is from running on “Satan’s Tar” as Dawn refers to the roads now days.    Running on the trails reminds me of where I grew up where my playground was a mountain.   Literally.

I find that running on the trails takes you away from it all in ways that running on the roads in town really just can not.

Here are some examples of why.




I guess it’s good that I’ve been getting to the trails and plan to go more as I am really only a few weeks away from my first race of 2016.    Although I signed up for the trail series marathon and am training as such, I really am not 100% sure that I will run it.   I will run, but I will see how that day goes.    The beauty of this trail event is that it raises money for battered women’s shelter.   You pay the same entrance fee no matter the distance.   It is a very low key event and I guess I am treating it as such.

Now, just because I say that I am treating it as a low key event doesn’t mean that I am not serious about it.   I am.   It is just that I do know that I really did not give myself a lot of time to train/plan for this event.   I signed up for the marathon distance, because on any given day I can go up to the trail and run 12-13 miles.   Case in point last week, Dawn and I went and ran 2 loops of the pink trail.    So for me signing up for the half would just be a normal run.   This is why I signed up for the marathon distance.    It’s not something that I would do every week or am even sure that I can do right now.   It is a challenge.   You know me.   I love a good challenge.

I am plan to go into this event with the intention of running the marathon distance, but we will see what happens.    No matter what happens, no matter what distance; I will be happy to be on the trails:)

Have you given the trails a try yet?

Where is your happy running place?




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