So This Happened…


I’ve been off the radar for a bit.   Not intentionally.   It really is just that life has gotten crazy busy and with Christmas coming it is bound to get a little more crazy.   That being said, I’ve not stopped running.   Yeah, running.

I actually just ran the local Turkey Trot.   Lots of my fellow Mom’s Run This Town Mama’s were running too.   That always makes for a fun time.     This is a nice event.   This is one that is nice because it’s a good course that you can just run for fun or run to push it a little bit.   Mostly flat and it happens to be in the neighborhood where I do many of my runs.   I actually said that to myself while I was running.   “These are my streets.”

I had decided going in that I was going to push myself a little bit on this course and just run.    Run, Run, Run.    I had no goal time other than I wanted to know that I was pushing myself a little.   I almost went out too fast as with most events everyone runs full speed out of the gate.   If I hadn’t intentionally slowed myself down my first mile would have been in the eights which would not have done well for the next four miles.   I kept it in check and just made each mile a little faster.   Then the last mile, you come back into the park and I just took off.   I was only able to do it because I knew it was the last mile.    I had very pretty splits and I was very happy with the way this race turned out.   I even placed 13 in my age group which means next year I have a goal of breaking into the top 10:)

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot2

Had a great time and so glad I was able to do it this year.

Then I did something that I’ve been thinking about for a bit now.   I signed up for a 50K.    It’s not till May which is perfect as the NYC Half is in March and it won’t interfere with the NYC Marathon training either.   I’m really not sure how I went from saying that I was only going to run the NYC Half & Full next year to adding more races other than that is just the way I roll.


So signed up I am and I think I’m good for the year now:)


that’s what I’ll tell myself today!

Do you live outside your comfort zone?

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