You’ve Got To Want to Make It Happen!

1484103_622769931126137_927190818_nWe all know what we are supposed to do to be healthy .   Balanced eating.   Right amount of exercise.   Yada. Yada. Yada.  It’s hard to get motivated sometimes.   It’s hard to get moving sometimes.     Even after getting into the routine, sometimes things happen.   Sometimes you loose your mojo to keep getting out the door.   Sometimes, you run your goal race and your are content to skip a few runs.

It happens.

The trick is finding out what your motivator is and will get you back on the road.   To each their own.   Now mine is signing up for events.   Hard events.   Events that I’m not quit sure I can do.   Events that I have to prepare for.   Events that might even seem crazy to some.    I am at that point.

Now, I’m not sure how this happened as I am pretty certain before I even finished Marine Corps Marathon I said NY would be my last and I would call it a day.    Then some time passed and even though not really enough to make me forget.   I think I may have gone a little crazy because I was toying with th idea of signing up for a 50K in January.

It was pointed out to me by a few people though that I do have a slight obsession with Christmas and a January 50K could interfere with it.    So not the fear of the 50K, but the fear of messing up my Christmas plans made me reconsider.   So I didn’t sign up for it.   I, instead, signed up for the Trial Marathon.   Figure, why no?    Besides, if I find it’s too much I will just stop.   Although, I’m hoping not to.  I will also admit the fact that there is total lack of bling made me think twice too.

So I’ve taken next year that was supposed to be only about running the NY City Half and Full and have already put some big events on the radar.   First the trail marathon in January. Then the NYC Half in March.  Followed hopefully by a yet to be signed up for 50K  and then the NYCM.   I’m also pretty certain 2016 will bring other events too.

So although I need running in my life for my sanity and such.   Without these things in the pipeline, I might not be as dedicated to training as I should be otherwise.

What motivates you?









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