You Want Me To Tell You What!?!

We all have goals.


We all have dreams.

We don’t always verbalize them though and put them out into the universe.

Even someone like me who seems to tell everyone more than they want to know.   There is just something too scary about doing that.   When I ran Philly, I had a goal in mind, but I really didn’t tell anyone.   I did say that I would like to finish in under 5 hours.   What I didn’t tell anyone was that in my mind, I really wanted to finish around 4:45.

Guess what?

I finished Philly in 4:46:20

Guess What?

In my mind, I wanted to finish around 4:45.   I told that to no one.   It was between me, myself, and I.   It was less scary that way.  This time apparently, I have to put it all out there.   Now, I don’t mean here on the blog out there.   I mean I have to tell my coach.   She wants me to start thinking about and tell her Monday the following:

A: The dream race on the perfect day goal
B: the hard but doable goal
c: the day sucked but I’m still happy with my race goal
In my mind, I know what I would like the answers to be.   I’m just not sure If I want to lay it on the line like that.  My Coach says that this is her way of making you stay accountable.   I’m not sure that I want to be accountable.   She also said that A does not need to be feasible YET or it can just be something that is possible but ambitious.   I think I will go with the later.   I also have to be careful because if I put too ambitious of a goal, she might think that’s what I want to run in the NYCM next year.
So I think I know how I will answer these questions in my mind.   I just need to see if I have the nerve to write them for her.
Do you say your race goals out loud?

One thought on “You Want Me To Tell You What!?!

  1. You shoudn’t have deleted that comment. It was a very true one, but I guess you didn’t understand it. If so, your knowledge about life is not sufficient to run a blog like this. I’m sorry.

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