Mission Accomplished

mcm3Well it’s over with now.    Can’t believe it.    Happy, Relived, Sore, and now wondering what is next.   But there will be time to sort that out.    So there is SOOOOOO much to tell that this will probably take a few days to get through it all.    I also want some time to reflect.   Today will be about the numbers…

MCM4This was a personal record from Philly by 8 minutes and 6 seconds and as Dawn pointed out on a harder course.   So yes, I was happy.   Between you and me though I was shooting for an even 4:30, but you know it just wasn’t the day for that.

I felt strong in the beginning.   Really strong.   Literally by mile 10 I was thinking how much my training was working for me.  It really was.   As you can see by my splits, I was on the money right up until the 40K.   I lost it a little but even in loosing it, I still had overall good splits.   In retrospect, could I have pushed it a little more.  Probably, but even with walking a bit towards the end due to stomach issues I still am pleased.

These are the numbers

Age Place for Females 45-49

344 out of 1318

Gender Placement

3291 out of 10,428

Overall Finish

9,445 out of 23,197

And a steady pace for most of the race.

I would say

Mission Accomplished.


I think this may be my favorite medal ever.  Love it!

Stay tuned for more on this epic weekend as there is so much more to this race than the numbers, but being as I have been away for a few days there is much to be done at home.

Do you have a favorite piece of bling?

5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Congratulations on your Marine Corps finish! It’s quite the event, and awesome that you ran strong throughout AND earned a PR. Great job!

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