Pass the Kool-Aid Please

A friend of mine who recently got back into running after being on the track team in college has been toying with the idea of running a 10K.   She’s already run a couple of 5K’s which she has rocked, but she thought maybe a 10K would be a good challenge.   I’ve been trying to talk her into a half pointing out that I had only run a 5K before my first half.   She then pointed out that she is not as crazy as me:)    That being said, she wanted to run a 10K as the next challenge and she wanted a medal.   Very doable goals.

The next race on my calendar in the NYRR Oakley 10K in NY City.

Oakley(I must interject to add that this advertisement for Oakley includes one of my MRTT Mama’s from last years race.   Don’t they look like they are having a blast!?!)

It starts by the park, but it is not the 2 loops through the park event that many of their Central Park races can be.    I will admit that running through the park is not always a picnic as there are some pretty decent hills.    I’ve never run Oakley, so I really can’t speak of what the course is like.   To be honest, I’ve signed up for most of my races not giving the coarse a second thought until I’m preparing for the event.   Maybe there is something to this crazy thing my friend speaks of….. No, no, no.

Anyway, most of the MRTT Mama’s that I ran Brooklyn with are running Oakley.   Then there seems to be a bunch of others running this one too.   So I “encouraged” my friend to sign up for this one.  Some may say harassed, but I will go with encouraged!  Thought it would be a fun event for her to do and I think running your first “big” event with friends is cool.   She was concerned because the day of the event is the same day as the end of the soccer season for our kids.    As much as a planner I claim to be, she is what you call a real planner!   This maybe why she is an actuary.   Anyway, the way I sign up for an event is that I see the event, I sign up for the event, I put it on the calendar and everything else just falls into place even if I have to shove a round peg into a square hole.   My husband also doesn’t know what or where I’m running till I tell him.   Now the question has become, “Do you have any races this weekend?”   Now, I’m not racing nearly every weekend (even if it feels like it), but this system works for us.   My friend pointed out that this system would emphatically NOT work for her and her husband.  I get it.   I get it.   That did not stop me from telling her to sign up.   Hey, I knew this race would sell out which it did.   That being said, she did do what was right for her and her family.   She talked to him first and still was able to get in under the wire and sign up.

I think I am more excited that she is doing this race than I am!   I can’t wait and I’ve already secured her a seat in the clown car.   It is going to be such a fun day and I can’t wait for her to experience it.   She doesn’t realize it, but this is how it starts.  SHHHHH, don’t tell her and when you, my friend, read this I’m only kidding (maybe:)

There is something to be said for the mob mentality.   Now, I am by NO means saying that  my MRTT group is a mob, but we do like to pass the kool-aid.


Should you sign up for a race?

Of course!

Should you sign up for another one?

You bet!

But I’ve never done one before you?

You got this?

Yup, we are an encouraging group.   Yes we are:)   That being said, we do also do tell each other to rest when need be.   To train smart.   To be healthy.    We not only tell you that you can do something, we will also help you do it too.  Just remember that we will be there with you from start to finish and we’ve got your back.

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