Friday Five – Favorite Summer Fruits/Veggies

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Today’s Theme

Favorite Fruits and Veggies

We all know that we should eat more fruits and veggies, but there is something about fresh summer fruits and veggies that make it so much easier!

Last year, I had them delivered from a place called Just Farmed.  It was great.  Every week, I got a box of fresh veggies from NJ, PA, and some NY farms.   We are going to be gone a lot this summer, so I’m not planning on doing it, but there is always the local Farmer’s Market.


1.   Fresh Corn – If your from Jersey, there is nothing better than fresh farm corn.

2.  Strawberries – Their season is short, but it is worth the wait.   There is no comparison to the fresh picked on the farm summer strawberry.   It is nothing like the strawberry that you get in the supermarket.

3.   Blueberries – If you ever get a chance to go blueberry picking, go.   First of all it’s fun.   Second of all, you leave with a basket of the yummiest freshest blueberries imaginable.


I do believe this counts as a serving of fruit too!

4.  Fresh Summer Peaches – just those three words gets your mouth watering thinking of the juiciest peach that only summer brings.

5.  Tomatoes –   I love vine ripened tomatoes.   Growing up my grandmother used to slice them.   Then put them on bread with mayo and a pinch of salt.   So good!

I wonder how many of us love the same summer fruits?

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