Friday Five – 5 Reasons I love to Run Races

Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Today’s Theme

5 Things about Race Day’s

But I mistankenly did that one last week.

My Bad.

That Post is here.

So Today I will do….

5 Reasons I Race

1. Bling – Admit it, you love, love, love the bling!

Philly 2

2.   The sense of accomplishment finishing a race gives you.   Be it a 5K, 10k, Half or Full Marathon.   Crossing the finish line is always an amazing accomplishment.


3.   Friends – Running a race is great in  and of itself, but running it with friends is even better!


4.  Tutu’s – Need I say more:)

5k_tutu2 10665666_10204121149061460_235186949527804734_n 702470_10204842483692303_816529710_n

5.   Supportive Family – My Mom, sister, and family friend surprised me at the end of the Philly Marathon.   It added to the amazement of the experience.  I think my Mom was more excited about me crossing the finish line than I was (and I was pretty happy!).


Running can take you places you never imagined.

Where has your running taken you?

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