Turning Goals into Accomplishements

I said yesterday, I’ve got Plans.   Well, I really don’t have solid plans as much as I have direction that I’m moving towards that will develop my somewhat rock solid plans.   That’s something though:)

First Step


I finalized working with a running coach and even paid for the first three months.   Now I feel funny saying that I am working with a Running Coach as it just doesn’t sound right to my ears.   Me, working with a Running Coach.  Ha.   I was introduced to her by my running cohort Dawn.    We all rode down to the Philly Marathon together.   I thought that Caolan was amazing just based on her personal record.   We became Facebook friends after Philly and she added me to one of her Facebook groups that she moderates.   Then after I got into the Marine Corps Marathon while still running all my 9+1 races, I started thinking about how can I put this all together.   This is where Caolan comes in.

I’ve purchased online training plans before.   So why not work with an online coach?   I’ve filled out all the initial forms, we’ve emailed about what I’m looking for and what my goals are, and we’ve even connected through my Garmin Connect account.    She is in the process of putting a plan together for me.   That is both exciting and scary.    Now before you think, “OH MY GOD, THAT MUST BE SO EXPENSIVE!”    Let me just say it really is not.    Working with Caolan will be cheaper than what I spent on Crossfit each month.    That being said, I still will need access to the YMCA for cross training as we both agree I need to swim as a great cross training exercise.  Luckily we have a family membership.

Next step


I bought myself a handy dandy Training Journal.   Yes, I have online training logs, but I really am old school.    I still buy monthly planners at Staples for the year.   I just need to write it down in my own hand.    There are lots of types of Training Journals out there.   I bought the Runner’s World one.   I just like the way it is set up.   I will start using it once I start working with Caolan.

Step Three


New shoes and orthotics.   I don’t have my orthotics yet, but I did get new shoes.  They are lovely and I will do a review of them next week:)


Breathe and know it will all come together just the way it is meant to.

You can set all the goals you want to but if you do not create a course of action, you will never reach them.   You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

So I’m walking the walk now.

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